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Celestial Motion

Hi everyone, Andy here with this semester’s last monthly horoscope! This section gives general information for all signs (such as the dates of each event). For the fullest reading experience, please read this section first before skipping down to your sign. To learn how I write these horoscopes, check out my explanatory column here.

The month starts with the new moon in Aries on April 1. New moons are generally a time of rejuvenation, and they mark the beginning of a new cycle. Aries is a very energetic sign, meaning that this new moon places emphasis on building confidence and gaining motivation to achieve our goals. Now is a good time to challenge our fears head on and take charge of our lives. On April 5, Venus, the planet of love, enters Pisces. Pisces is a very dreamy and imaginative sign, leading to very carefree and tender visions of love. However, this can lend itself to an inability to define our wants and needs, difficulty satisfying others and delusions about love.

Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Taurus on April 10. Our thoughts and communication styles become deliberate and thoroughly explored at this time. We become reliant on precedent and the past to seek answers, rather than innovating. While routine thinking can help us make decisions quickly and simply, it can also confine us and prevent us from imagining better alternatives. On April 14, Mars, the planet of passion, joins Venus in the sign of Pisces. Mars in Pisces can be frustrating because energy can fluctuate wildly and our goals can become less tangible and defined. 

We also become very confrontation-averse and tend to put other people’s needs before our own. This month, the moon becomes full in Libra on April 16. While new moons are associated with beginnings, full moons bring about endings. This could indicate the final culmination of a work project or a great progression in romance. With the full moon in Libra, now is the time to empathize with others and ground ourselves.

Taurus season begins once the sun leaves Aries on April 19. While Aries season was spontaneous and energetic, Taurus season is a lot more slow and methodical. We value familiarity, comfort and security, and we staunchly defend against anything that would threaten those values. Unfortunately, Taurus season can also yield stubbornness.

On April 29, Pluto begins its five-month retrograde cycle. During a retrograde, from our vantage point on Earth, a planet appears to move backward through the sky; thus, its associated functions become increasingly difficult to navigate and our personal challenges involving that planet’s associated functions largely turn inward. For example, Mercury is the planet of communication and intelligence, so outside of retrograde, its energy pushes us to talk to other people and share our ideas. When Mercury enters its retrograde cycle, its usual functions shut down, which is why Mercury retrograde is associated with forgetfulness and difficulty articulating our thoughts. Pluto rules mystery, power and negativity. While it’s in retrograde, Pluto forces us to examine the dark parts of ourselves and makes us discover the power we have within ourselves to change.

Finally, also on April 29, Mercury changes signs for the second time this month, leaving Taurus and entering Gemini. While Mercury transits through Gemini, curiosity comes to the forefront of our minds. We freely explore any ideas that come to us, although we often get distracted by other thoughts and ideas without meaningfully and deeply engaging with any of them. Sociability is especially heightened during this time in compared to Mercury’s transit through Taurus earlier this month.


This month’s new moon occurs in your sign and your first house of self-identity. You may reinvent the way you present yourself to boost your confidence and give off a strong impression to others. This is a time for you to be authentic in every sector of your life. When your ruling planet Mars enters your twelfth house of subconsciousness, you should spend some time alone ruminating on your goals. This is also a great time for you to detach yourself from stressful work or school environments and schedule time to relax and enjoy yourself. Finally, Aries season ends and the sun enters Taurus and your second house of finance and romance. You may focus on finding comfort and security in life during this period. Spending money and acquiring material possessions may help you feel that comfort you desire, but you should be mindful not to overspend.


Your ruling planet Venus enters your eleventh house of friendships. Now is a great time to show affection for the people you value in your life. When Mercury enters your sign and your first house, you are encouraged to speak your mind and assert your own perspectives. You might be more observant and initiate interactions more often. The sun will eventually join Mercury in your first house, marking the start of Taurus season. Now is a great time to engage in activities alone that may lead to a greater sense of connection with yourself. You have the power to overcome issues that have been plaguing you for a long time, and you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace a change in your personal identity. Finally, Pluto begins its retrograde cycle in your ninth house of philosophy. For the next few months, your personal beliefs may be tested, but the core tenets of your being will become much stronger as a result.


April’s most significant celestial events are asking you to expand your mind. When ruling planet Mercury enters your twelfth house of subconsciousness, your thoughts and conversations may orbit around your emotions. Geminis tend to shy away from the topic of feelings, but it is essential to confront your inner self to begin to settle your subconscious struggles. Now is a good time to settle down and recharge, especially when the moon becomes full in fellow air sign Libra and your fifth house of creation. This is a good time to channel this brewing emotional energy into your creative projects. The sun will later join Mercury in your twelfth house, further emphasizing the importance of rest and relaxation. Don’t feel pressured to invest large amounts of energy in new projects; save your energy for Gemini season next month. Finally, the month finishes with your ruling planet Mercury entering your sign and your first house of self-identity. You may feel reinvigorated to meet new people and have lots of conversations, as Geminis typically enjoy doing.


This month’s new moon occurs in your tenth house of career ambitions. Now is the time to take charge of your professional life, set your goals and assert your desires. When Venus and Mars both enter your ninth house of philosophy, you may feel more energized to pursue your intellectual interests. You may be able to gain more knowledge by branching out of your shell and embracing some spontaneity in your life. Toward the second half of the month, the energy starts to shift. The full moon takes place in your fourth house of home and family life, encouraging you to settle down, quite the opposite of the new moon’s energy earlier this month. It is important to keep some semblance of work and personal life separation in order to avoid burning out. The sun in your eleventh house of friendships is also encouraging you to spend time with your friends and let them know that you appreciate them. April’s conflicting energies demonstrate the importance of balance both this month and throughout life in general.


The light of the Aries new moon shines upon your ninth house of philosophy, encouraging you to nourish your mind and seek out wisdom. Now is the time to seek out new opportunities to learn about anything that interests you. If you are traveling, you may gain some new insight as you traverse a new space. Later this month, the moon becomes full in your third house of intelligence and communication. Leos love to talk, and this lunar phase is encouraging you to do exactly that. You may gain profound inspiration and understand new perspectives upon interacting with others. Your newfound knowledge this month can prove especially useful when the sun enters your tenth house of career ambitions. Work comes to the forefront of your attention, and you aim to accomplish a grand goal. You may receive more recognition, but also more responsibilities, so be prepared to achieve beyond your current expectations.


Your ruling planet Mercury enters your ninth house of philosophy, bringing more intellectual and spiritual weight to your thoughts and conversations. Rather than meticulously thinking about fine details, your focus may shift to more big picture ideas about your interests and goals. However, this transit can lend itself to forgetfulness, so be sure to write down what you want to remember. Marking the beginning of Taurus season, the sun joins Mercury in the ninth house, inspiring you to go on an adventure of sorts to gain new knowledge. Now is the time to shelve tangled internal problems and instead attempt to learn more about the world, and in turn yourself. Take a break from your endless, unyielding grind and do something that really interests you. Mercury once again changes signs this month, entering your tenth house of career ambitions and moving through it well into the next month. You can apply your newfound knowledge and discoveries into your work life as you develop your goals. Now is a great time to be confident in your speech and ideas in the workplace, because your perspective is very valuable.


Your ruling planet Venus enters your sixth house, bringing a burst of joy in your work life. Completing tasks and maintaining a clean space may help keep you energized. This is also a great time to socialize with your colleagues and coworkers in order to gain valuable knowledge regarding your work. The moon becomes full in your sign and your first house of self-identity this month. Libras can often focus too much on pleasing the people around them, but this full moon is encouraging you to put yourself first and ignore the judgments of others. Now is the time to invest in yourself, especially as the sun enters your eighth house of rebirth and transformation. You may redraw boundaries with others as you take time alone to reflect on your life and make any changes to help better yourself. Finally, Mercury enters your ninth house of philosophy, which pushes you to enrich your mind and think about life in terms of the big picture rather than minute details.


Venus and Mars both enter your fifth house of creation this month, infusing you with a lot of creative energy. Now is a great time to start new creative projects, if you can muster the discipline to sit down and actually work. You may invest a lot of energy into pleasure and recreation; just be sure not to tire yourself out and neglect your responsibilities. At this time, people may find you especially charming, which synergizes well with the sun entering your seventh house of partnerships. Although Scorpios can be closed off at times, now is an important time for you to lean on the people you trust and value in your life. You can find great inspiration and fulfillment by spending quality time with others and gaining insight into their lives and perspectives. At the end of the month, your ruling planet Pluto begins its retrograde cycle, meaning that you may become more open, but less discerning with who you trust with your story over the next few months.


The new moon in fellow fire sign Aries and your fifth house of creation may reignite the romantic sector of your life. A renewed passion may lead to some new developments in your love life, and you shouldn’t be afraid to take initiative. This is also a great time to start new creative projects as you may encounter some sudden inspiration. While Sagittarians are known to be free and always looking toward new horizons, the sun’s transition into your sixth house of health and organization is asking you to slow down. This is a good time to clean up your space and take care of yourself. With the school year ending, now is the time to set new habits that will place your own wellbeing at the top of your priority list. Finally, the moon becomes full in your eleventh house of friendships, indicating that you can resolve any potential problems that may have emerged in the recent past.


This month, you are overflowing with creativity. When Mercury enters your fifth house of creation, you may find great creative inspiration by talking to other people. You may also thrive off of intellectual stimulation in conversation more than usual. When the sun joins Mercury in your fifth house, your pride in your creative visions can become bolstered. While Capricorns are often entrenched in work, now is the time to prioritize pleasure. Don’t feel the need to make every creative project something to capitalize on; you can just enjoy the creative process itself. The month ends with Pluto entering its retrograde cycle in your sign, indicating a profound period of transformation over the next few months. This retrograde may force you to reckon with your repressed emotions, but by embracing change in your internal life, you can emerge completely refreshed and unburdened once the retrograde ends.


The buildup of minute inconveniences has been stressing you out lately. The full moon in your ninth house of philosophy is encouraging you to look at the big picture and realize that these many small problems are miniscule in comparison to all of the issues you’ve been able to overcome in the past. Now is the time to remain optimistic for the future and work to achieve your grand visions. When the sun enters your fourth house of home and family, you may find relief and belonging by pulling away from the hustle of school and work and reconnecting with your family and your roots. It is essential to establish a comfortable place and a trusted group of people who you can return to when the world is too harsh. Finally, Mercury enters your fifth house of creation, giving you a surge of creative energy and new ideas. You may also crave intellectual stimulation, so having engaging conversations with people becomes very important at this time. This is also a good time to embrace spontaneity and take time to enjoy yourself. 


This month, Venus enters your sign and your first house of self-identity. Romance may come to the forefront of your mind, and you may begin to prioritize pleasure more than ever. Be wary, as you may be more inclined to indulge in your impulses. Mars later joins Venus in your first house, giving you a sudden burst of energy to put plans into motion. Now is a good time to assert yourself and stand firm in your passions, but be careful to not be too brash. Pisces is a sign known for its broad imagination and detachment from reality. However, when the sun enters your third house of intelligence and communication, you will be more grounded than ever. You may feel more alert and curious about the opportunities in your immediate area, and the people who are physically close to you may become more prominent in your life. This Taurus season will be a little more hectic than usual, but that can ultimately be rewarding. 

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