Before the death of Geroge Floyd, it’s safe to say that I was uneducated when it came to social issues that were happening around me. Whether that be because of the influence of the Asian household I grew up in, or not recognizing the privilege I had that made me ignorant to the ways in which I needed to educate myself, it wasn’t until quarantine when I began immersing myself in learning more.


But how does this relate to music?


Prior to the momentum gained by the Black Lives Matter Movement, I engaged in music without a conscious acknowledgement of who I was supporting, nor did I understand how important it is to support artists of color.  


I’ve always known about things like “Asian representation in movies”, but that was the extent of what I knew about representation. Now, I’ve realized that representation is more than just in movies, but in music too. Throughout quarantine I started finding music that I enjoyed by artists of color because it supports their representation in the music industry —an industry that is predominantly white, despite the immense influence of Black art and artists.


I can definitely say that my music taste has evolved and it now includes a range of so many more artists of color. 


Because of that, I am here to present you with a cumulative list of some of my new favorite artists and my favorite song from each. Hopefully from this, we can appreciate more artists of color and support their representation in the music industry which I believe is so important because, though it may be a small change, it’s a conscious change that allows for us to get closer to the point of finally accepting one another and equally supporting those who deserve a chance. 

DVSN- Black Alternative R&B Duo


Members: Daniel Daley, Nineteen85

Favorite Song: With Me


Raveena: Indian R&B/Pop/Soul Artist 


Favorite Song: If Only

Giveon- Black R&B/Soul Artist

Age: 25

Favorite Song: Garden Kisses

RINI- Filipino R&B/Soul/Pop Artist

Favorite Song: My Favourite Clothes

Other song recommendations by artists of color:

-North Face- Odie 

-I Wanna Be Yours- Pink Sweat$, Crush

-Ask Me- Dylan Sinclair

-Song For Your Night- Thama

-Your Man- Joji