I’m extremely excited for and satisfied with the Grammy nominations. This may be completely biased due to my music taste and my status as person of color, but I don’t really care.

First of all, let’s start with Kendrick Lamar. Though this is a well-known fact, it was something that was extremely solidified for me through seeing him in concert: Kendrick Lamar is a god. His power with music, words, rhythms and his ability to take Black empowerment, personal anecdotes about police brutality, his childhood, his social views and to make it into music that you’ll hear blasting on everyone’s radio is supernatural. Kendrick has already won seven Grammys leading up to 2018, and he deserves all of the nominations he has gotten this year. DAMN is a work of art and Kendrick Lamar is well representing men of color with all of his nominations.

Speaking of people of color, Kendrick Lamar is not the only one to represent this year. Childish Gambino, Bruno Mars, Jay-Z, Khalid and Sza are also leading the pack with their nominations. Sza is one that I’m extremely excited about. Even though I only got into Sza late last year, her music is amazing: her voice is extremely unique, she can actually sing, the topics of her songs are unique and she’s really paving the way for women in R&B. I think she really deserves a Grammy for her work and expect to see her nominated for more in the future.

Also for Best New Artist, all of the people nominated are people of color, which really paves the leads with representation. This year’s Grammy nominees feel like an accurate representation of who people are listening to. Once again, when I say this, I mean what I listen to on the radio. But I remember when I was younger, I felt like even though the big-name artists always got nominations, the Grammy Academy voting members seemed to pick who deserved a nomination based solely on who they listened to even if they weren’t that popular.

I’m not really one for award shows, but I’m just happy the artists I enjoy are getting their well-deserved nominations and this year is highly representative of people of color.

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