Graphic by Jessica Chiu.

An ode to caregivers.

A caregiver’s hands are warm and soft and filled with love.

They carry no selfishness, only blessings from above.

Their actions are always stronger than their words,

But their words soothe sickness with sweetness ensued. 

To care for another is to care for oneself. 

There is no space for the wicked or to think only of themselves.

To care for another is to find joy in healing and loving.

To uplift another is to set aside your own troubles and focus on giving.

A caregiver’s laugh builds our lives and helps us survive.

Without care we are unable to thrive.

A mother is a caregiver made specifically for you. 

Her care for her children is built on love that is true.

A father is a caregiver who holds us tight.

Makes us laugh and defends us against the night.

A caregiver is a special person who puts others before themselves. I saw this truth when my parents cared for my grandfather this summer. No love is stronger than a parents’ love for their children and a child’s undying love for their parents. I hope to love, to nurture and to see as a caregiver does. I hope to always find joy in healing another even if just with my smile or my words.

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