I think it was two years ago, when during the hard-fought University of Michigan-Ohio State University football game, I was so impressed with the care, concern and great sportsmanship demonstrated for all to see when the UM quarterback went over to OSU quarterback J.T. Barrett, knelt down to the field and offered a brief prayer to him where he lay when he was injured during the game. I wrote the Daily telling how proud I was of the Michigan player, and the Daily was kind enough to publish it.

Once again, as a resident of Columbus and a Buckeye fan (though I am a Purdue graduate), I feel that the tweets a number of your football team’s players sent to OSU with their prayers and concern for the University in light of the serious incident that happened yesterday is another example of Michigan class.

The game on Saturday was a spectacle to see, but we all know that the players on both sides of the game gave their all. Losing the game in such a way, after being so close to winning, has to have resulted in a sadness and frustration that will last for a long time. Even so, Michigan’s athletes put those personal feelings aside and publicly expressed their concern even after a bitter defeat. You can be very proud of these gentlemen who exemplify the type of student-athlete all can admire.

William Hood Jr. is a Purdue University alum.


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