Students and Other Protesters:


I am proud of you, citizens. Our country elected a new president, by incontrovertible evidence a bloviating, lying, racist, sexist, vulgar xenophobe and you have not acquiesced to it. Though I accept the fact of the election outcome (you know, the rigged one), we do not have to accept the leadership of the president-elect. My wish is that we each try hard to tolerate differences of opinion and beliefs and to move past or forgive an occasional misstep, but that we never overlook or fail to oppose intentional and continual distortions and untruths. (Post-election revision and courtesies notwithstanding, as in the fable of the scorpion and the frog “it’s in his nature.”) Carry on: If it doesn’t make a difference, then they wouldn’t try to stop you.


Richard Lutenski

Class of 1972


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