Thank you to Lev Facher and The Michigan Daily for the articleIn the Shadows: Campus Co-ingestion.” In July, 2014, as most people were enjoying the summer, I was burying my son, Josh Levine (Kinesiology 14). His death was senseless, needless and completely preventable.

When Adderall is combined with alcohol, it keeps a person from feeling as drunk as their blood alcohol content is registering. It also prevents one from passing out if too much is consumed. In Josh’s case, he kept drinking, feeling fine, until he collapsed, brain dead.

Since then, I started the Josh E. Levine Foundation to prevent more tragedies through awareness, education and action. I can talk as a grieving mother, but it is essential to incorporate students in the solution. Be informed, be an upstander, be more cautious when you drink. This movement is not about abstinence; it is about being safe.

Our tag line is its fun until …” The possibilities are endless: passing out, blacking out, MIP, DUI, poor grades, destruction of property, being a victim or perpetrator of sexual assault. You get the idea.

Please join me and the University in our efforts to be a part of the culture shift on binge drinking and co-ingestion. Its a small effort to prevent more casualties.

Its fun until …

Julie Buckner is the president and director of the Josh E. Levine Foundation and a University alum. She can be reached at


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