Video Games


Picture yourself on a date. You’re all dolled up and looking fine for that special someone. It’s late at night and hopefully, you’re snuggling with your crush under layers of blankets and pillows. If you’re lucky, the two of you have made a dent in that bottle of wine.


It was a huge year in gaming. From the revival of classic franchises, to the success of numerous indie darlings, as the year comes to a close it’s time to reflect on our best experiences.


The rage of gamers is a force powerful enough to plummet sales, topple studio executives and make some game publishers file for bankruptcy.


Somehow, it seemed, Ubisoft made a Rabbids game not to exploit the characters’ marketability but because an artist actually developed passion for an idea.

New video games come and go so fast these days. It seems like we never really get to sit down, take a deep breath and analyze our relationship with games that came out even mere months ago.


‘Final Fantasy’ has blended modern and future technology with classical high fantasy aesthetics in the past, but never like this.

“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition”

My critical opinion of ‘Skyrim’ doesn’t matter at this point. Instead, I want you to consider the opinion of my roommate, Matt.

Like any smash hit on the app store, Pokémon Go won’t be able to keep its grasp on the zeitgeist forever.


E3 is a strange beast. It’s often been called the “Super Bowl” of the video game industry.

Far Cry Primal

This expertly crafted feeling that you’re just a bit stronger — a bit more agile — a bit further in the story — results in one of the most engaging power-fantasy gameplay systems in open-world gaming.