What’s most frustrating is the general lack of interest in exploring more captivating material.


It’s a shame the first season of “Fleabag” is only a slim six episodes, but its brevity might also be its saving grace.


Perhaps it’s because the series runs on a time limit of twenty-odd minutes as a sitcom

“Queen Sugar”

The series arrives with clear prestige ambitions and star power.


“Better Things” delivers its honest comedy with the same nuance that presents itself in real-life everyday challenges.


If there’s anyone in pop culture with an idiosyncratic personality and perspective on life, it’s Donald Glover.

“One Mississippi”

While comedy is often used to take a break from the sadness, the series employs a beautiful artistry in its treatment of tragedy.

Few series depict the often mundane, boring reality of feeling like shit.

“Stranger Things”

What’s to stop me from taking a break between episodes?


HBO finds itself in a precarious position for the first time in several years.