Though “Good Girls Revolt” succeeds in some aspects, its promising premise is unfortunately poorly executed, suffering from sluggish pacing, scattered storytelling and middling dialogue.


No part of “Tracey Ullman’s Show” inspires thought, or evokes emotion. It’s simply 30 minutes of tired jokes and curated impressions.

Tom Hanks returns as affable as ever to host “SNL” for the ninth time.

“Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”

‘Dirk Gently’ is certainly on the path to a successful crime-com for the modern day Sherlock enthusiast.

“Midnight Diner”

As the food sizzles over the stove, the same sense of comfort that draws in his customers washes over us.


It could easily go off the rails in a second, but, nothing in the brilliant season three premiere suggests that’s going to happen any time soon.


It looks like “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is poised and ready for another season of finding love and happiness through the worst possible methods.

“Chance” ’s supporting actors do their best with what they’re given, but it isn’t enough to compensate for the bewilderingly slow pace and lack of driving energy.

“Black Mirror”

“Black Mirror” depicts different realities and characters in each episode, but every story connects to one another through their thought-provoking, somewhat cynical perspectives on technology.

Most TV creates the false conception that interpersonal conflict is largely built on a series of dramatic arguments.