"A Million Little Things"

It presents suicide as romantic or necessary or beneficial to other people, when it’s none of those things.

"Sorry For Your Loss"

Ironically, what makes the show so original is part of the reason why it fell so flat — it’s as almost as though they had HBO-level ideas with a Freeform-level action plan.

Jerry Seinfeld

The slap bass aside, “Seinfeld” has an almost musical quality to it, a soundscape of sorts that’s kind of mesmerizing.

Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in 'Maniac'

Despite a massive budget and star-studded cast, “Maniac” offers little of note.

"I Feel Bad"

Every show has its kinks to work out in its first season, and “I Feel Bad” isn’t immune to that.

Norm Macdonald

The deconstructed nature of the show falls flat, and feels more like an unfinished production that was rushed to air.


Somehow, anything these two actors do can somehow turn out funny.


The pilot offers a few pointers upfront: Keep your blinds closed and your Instagram private.

Rachel Brosnahan in "Mrs. Maisel'

The Daily’s expectations versus predicted realities for the best TV of the year.

Jim Carrey in 'Kidding'

It is almost unsettling in the way a horror movie is: Even when everything feels right, you can’t help feel that something is about to go horribly wrong.