The show’s appeal is its lack of predictability, the absurd and unexpected circumstances that launched its characters into paths no one could imagine from the very first season.


Everyone knows that one small change in the past can alter the entire future. It’s obvious. Even ‘Magic Tree House’ points that one out.


While some time-travel series choose to go into the nitty-gritty of the hows and whys, “Frequency” fails to delve into the pragmatics of its mystical forces.


It’s the intoxicating blend of TV personas, a meal on a plate and clear-eyed wonder that is the genre’s core appeal.

Beneath its glossy, somewhat clichéd exterior, “No Tomorrow” showcases great writing and performances, as well as some unexpected twists along the way.

The jokes in mumblecore movies are funny because they’re jokes your mildly funny friend would make, not because they have huge punchlines.


Based on the early ratings for “Westworld,” it looks like it’ll get the time to unravel its arc and show us what it has in store.


It certainly looks as if ‘Drunk History’ is attempting an escape from the late-night comedy scene.


The drag persona of New York-based costume designer Roy Haylock, Del Rio is the season 6 winner of cultural phenomenon “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”


Herein lies the theme of the third and most compelling season yet: desire.