While “Limetown” has radical elements that would make any story eye-catching, the show doesn’t need to try so hard.

Charlotte Riley in 'Press'

The central focus of this six part mini-series is the differing practices of journalistic integrity that depend on the paper they work for.

'Nancy Drew'

The CW’s new teen mystery series “Nancy Drew” is far more CW than it is Nancy Drew. Despite the similar character names and occasional cheeky references to the original book series’s titles, there is not much carrying the iconic girl detective’s legacy in this gritty reboot.


“The Birch” probably never will be incredible. I’m not sure it’s meant to be.


If they push together the main judges further on into the season and figure out how to separate themselves from average music competitions a little bit more, “Rhythm + Flow” can jumpstart several careers and have a good Netflix run.


“Big Mouth” is back and more cringe-inducing than ever. The raunchy Netflix cartoon series returns strong in its third season with its signature disgusting-yet-heartwarming humor and charm.

'Raising Dion'

It is true that not every superhero series needs to be “dark” and “gritty” as so many are today, but writers should also strive for tonal consistency.


“Grey’s Anatomy” has survived a Writer’s Strike, casting changes, technological evolution, and 344 episodes later, it is still only the beginning.

'Bless the Harts'

The main issue with the series is the lack of originality and unwillingness to push boundaries. With the vast collection of adult animation out there today, there’s nothing about this show that makes it stand out amongst the others.


I can’t tell if it wants to be a comedy or a drama — or if it’s just a very poorly executed dramedy — but the show demonstrates a clear lack of consideration given the severity of its premise.