'My Brilliant Friend'

The tangle of names and faces is a testament to the hugeness of the world Ferrante has created.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Victoria Justice in 'Queen America'

“Queen America” is not perfect by any means: Jokes fall flat, exposition can be clunky and the only overweight character is still positioned as the binary opposite of ascended class and beauty.

“Escape at Dannemora”

Stiller’s drama directorial debut is a meticulously researched, planned and executed work.


As headlines become more shocking by the day, “Enemies” reminds us that not all that much has changed.

 Desiree Akhavan in 'The Bisexual'

Had Desiree Akhavan not explicitly said that she dislikes being called the bisexual Lena Dunham, I might have compared her excellent new sh

'Narcos: Mexico'

Yet another installation in the world’s continuing fascination with the drug trade in the Americas. Call me jaded, but having seen at least 10 of these come out every month, I may have unfairly written off “Narcos: Mexico” before it even began.


However, the downside of a show that is so realistically boring is that sometimes there are points where it just seems... boring.

"The Kominsky Method"

Yet so often the show gets lost in the bond between these two men that it borders on the crime of self-obsession.


Brat is the only network that is daring to do something different from the typical formula of television targeted pre-teens.

LeBron in 'The Shop'

Jordan’s story is told alongside those of forgotten athletes who gambled their careers on their political convictions… and lost.