Beneath its glossy, somewhat clichéd exterior, “No Tomorrow” showcases great writing and performances, as well as some unexpected twists along the way.

The jokes in mumblecore movies are funny because they’re jokes your mildly funny friend would make, not because they have huge punchlines.


Based on the early ratings for “Westworld,” it looks like it’ll get the time to unravel its arc and show us what it has in store.


It certainly looks as if ‘Drunk History’ is attempting an escape from the late-night comedy scene.


The drag persona of New York-based costume designer Roy Haylock, Del Rio is the season 6 winner of cultural phenomenon “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”


Herein lies the theme of the third and most compelling season yet: desire.

“Marvel’s Luke Cage”

The series allows Cage to express his connection with Black history and culture, as the script engages with Harlem’s saturated and complicated narrative.

“Crisis in Six Scenes”

The conversations between these characters may seem somewhat intriguing on paper, but seeing them play out is exhausting and dull to watch.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

Samberg’s ironic sensibility and underrated charm plays off Braugher’s deadpan perfection to create the most consistent laughs a network comedy could hope to mine.

“The Exorcist”

For devout followers of “The Exorcist,” the series’ pilot episode certainly brings a sense of nostalgia.