Daniel Ezra in 'All American'

Does “All American” have what it takes to rise above “The O.C.” and say something meaningful? Maybe.

The neighbors in the neighborhood

The show’s treatment of conflict could be likened to a child trying its hardest to fit a circle block in a square hole

'Into the Dark'

It’s difficult to point out anything compelling about the show whatsoever.

'Happy Together'

It’s a “Three’s Company”-esque concept, and one that thrives when the three main characters are working in harmony.

"God Friended Me"

CBS’s “God Friended Me” is sort of like a kindergartener’s art project. It’s a bit of a mess. It’s not particularly good (some might even go so far as to call it ridiculous). But you can’t quite bring yourself to hate it.

RuPaul at DragCon

DragCon’s expansion to New York City seemed like the perfect way to continue establishing drag’s legacy in pop culture.

Jason Bateman and David Cross

“Arrested Development” is a cult classic that critics love, fans worship and everyone questions a little bit.

Ted Danson in 'The Good Place'

The third season kicks off with a dose of optimism and an examination of the fractured reality of human existence.

The cast of 'Single Parents'

Without feeling forced, it does great work to show that there is no one “type” of single parent and also highlights the bond their situation has created for them.


Yes, there are endless possibilities when it comes to basing a show off an airplane. “Manifest” takes advantage of none of them.