While the term “reboot” may be used to describe many throwback series, “revival” is the more accurate term for ‘One Day at a Time’ — though the sitcom may be reminiscent of its namesake, it's exclusively one of a kind.


The much anticipated ‘Sherlock’ Season 4 premiere sees the return of popular characters but falls flat in its plot.


There are few things that manifest holiday spirit as much as baking, especially homebaking.

The new documentary series chronicles eight different hostage crises worldwide, with startlingly believable reenactments and testimonies from both hostages and their perpetrators.


Mariah Carey, heartbreaker that she is, has a set of rules. One of them, explicitly stated to the camera in her new docu-series “Mariah’s World,” ordains that Mariah Carey will never be seen in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses.


Like all of the live musicals that came before it, the book scenes dragged, preventing the show from gaining any real momentum.


The stunning similarities between today’s advancements in science and technology and the technology in the show are the basis on which ‘Incorporated’ thrives.

“Drunk History”

He’s a man! He’s a musical! He’s an episode of Drunk History!


Maybe “Insecure” doesn’t aim to tell us who its characters are, but who they can be.

“Pacific Heat”

It’s a copy, but a worse one. A satire, but weaker. A show that, by all accounts, isn’t worth an investment.