If Frances is the kind of character that embodies the gritty storytelling pervasive in TV today, then shows that utilize this type of characterization need to work a lot harder to sustain our attention.


One of the peculiar consequences of streaming television is the implicit assumption of prestige.


“Insecure” proves that issues concerning the Black community, specifically Black women, can still be just as thought-provoking when told through a comedic lens.

“Falling Water” runs the risk of alienation in a premiere so oversaturated with questions that even the audience doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not.


To say “Hamilton” has exploded like no other Broadway show in recent memory might be an understatement.


While ‘B.A.N.’ can’t reach the heights the series reached last week, it’s by far the funniest episode on a scene-by-scene basis.


The show’s appeal is its lack of predictability, the absurd and unexpected circumstances that launched its characters into paths no one could imagine from the very first season.


Everyone knows that one small change in the past can alter the entire future. It’s obvious. Even ‘Magic Tree House’ points that one out.


While some time-travel series choose to go into the nitty-gritty of the hows and whys, “Frequency” fails to delve into the pragmatics of its mystical forces.


It’s the intoxicating blend of TV personas, a meal on a plate and clear-eyed wonder that is the genre’s core appeal.