Williams is an exceptional interviewer who’s able to quickly establish a rapport with each of his subjects — whether they be a distinguished researcher or a seventh grader in Newark.

"The Last OG"

While Morgan reaches his buoyant and insightful best at points in the premiere, the show’s fast and jarring pace makes for a somewhat uncomfortable watch.

David Haller in "Legion"

The show focuses less on its Marvel origins, taking a more cinematic approach towards telling an intimate and introspective story.

Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson

For a couple that was previously married for 10 years, there was almost no chemistry between the two of them — either romantic as ex-lovers or argumentative as newly divorced.

The guys of "Silicon Valley"

The beginning of season five has me cautiously optimistic.

Zach Braff in "Alex, Inc."

The concept may sound very niche and millennial, perhaps even a little bit boring, but this is Zach Braff we’re talking about.

Bill Hader in "Barry"

Barry Berkman (Bill Hader, “Saturday Night Live”) is just your average guy, perhaps worryingly so. Literally, he ticks all the boxes. He’s presumably middle-aged, lives in the Midwest and is going through a crisis of sorts.

"The Wire"

There’s even a hint of inner-city Steinbeck to the “The Wire” with its lucidity and reverence for the downtrodden. In so many ways, the show functions as a rich, sprawling novel.

"The Mechanism" on Netflix

While perhaps entertaining, there are dangerous undertones to the thread of series and movies that utilize the stereotype that Latin America is nothing more than a crime-infested drug hub.


Given that the first storyline turns out to be a disappointment, it will be interesting to see how the show will move forward.