Is it still enlightening to show how the mind of a racist works, or is it unfair to ask us to empathize with someone who won’t extend us the same kindness?


The revival somewhat resembles the oversized portrait of Richard commissioned by Emily that sits in the Gilmore living room.

“That’s So Raven”

Friday nights at five were reserved for Walt Disney — more specifically, for Disney Channel Original Movies.


Perhaps what makes “3%” so captivating for a mature audience is the depth portrayed in its characters.


Like many mystery shows, “Search Party” is filled with questions, but fortunately it has all the right answers.

Given the nature of the episode, it’s not an escape from the holidays, but rather an excuse to poke fun at and satirize every possible aspect of it.


It’s at once explicit, uncomfortable, hilarious, graphic, deadpan, raunchy, disgusting, absurdist, ironic, awkward, progressive, horrifying and manic. It is, in one word, a miracle.


There’s nothing quite like seeing Lady Mary smoke out of a DIY crack pipe to send the message that she’s done with the 20th century.

If there is anything that the past few weeks have given me, it is renewed respect for my professors.

The direction that “Mars” takes is unconventional, especially for a production on a channel that values scientific fact over fictional series.