The breakout stars of "On My Block"

The constant teetering between comedy and drama gives rise to some exposition-heavy writing and stiff performances at first, but the show’s ambitions pay off by the season’s final episodes, when everything really falls into place.

"Tabula Rasa"

The show truly excels at merging her psychological journey with horror and supernatural elements.

Paul Rust in "Love"

“Love” has become more than just a commentary about contemporary dating and modern relationships.


On paper, a crime series that tones down the mystery and emphasizes the deceitfulness of social institutions has the potential to really make a statement, but not if its plot is as loose and convoluted as this one.


‘Champions’ has all the pieces of a great comedy, all that’s left is putting them together.

Donald Glover in "Atlanta"

There is a palpable tension present in the Atlanta air.

Lucy Hale and Elliot Knight in "Life Sentence"

Stella Abbott has a lot of growing up to do, but she’s already won one of life’s biggest, hardest battles.

Eric Andre is going to Paris

While it is hard to cover much in ten minutes, the special quickly feels one-note.

Mae Whitman and Retta in "Good Girls"

The main obstacle that ‘Good Girls’ encounters is finding and embracing a genre that truly fits.

"Flint Town"

The once-vibrant city is crumbling, and the documentary does not sugarcoat that.