Avocado toast by @cest.madeleine

Where some people hide behind their glass iPhone screens, scrolling with a looming cloud of doubt and self-destruction, comparing themselves to pixelated 8-inch images of acquaintances and strangers, Ross is quite the opposite.

The funny women of 'Broad City'

Women are funny because funny isn’t gendered. Women are funny because jokes should rely on one’s wit and talent not on what is between one’s legs.

Sustainable fashion from Reformation

Climate change is not waiting and neither should we.

Joey Schuman

Internet therapy is free.


Idleness isn’t doing nothing — it is simply taking time to do something unexpected, different.

Lady Bird

I loved my life in plaid, and it wasn’t sexy; it was just fun and supportive.

The site of the OFW event

It is a cool Saturday in late Oct. and as most of Ann Arbor sleeps, Kerrytown’s Detroit Filling Station wakes up with the intent of changing the world. As I arrive at the activist brunch event, I have little idea of what to expect.


If fear can be cured by laughter, then the only option in fearful times like these is to laugh.

The DIY tee approach

There’s still time to upgrade your look for our next two Saturday game days.

Joey Schuman

It’s something I do often, and it’s something I think you should do too: listen to your mom’s music every once in a while.