Princess Nokia

Tomboy has its own society-influenced definition. And it’s bullshit.

Joey Schuman

We don’t know much about anything at this stage of existence, so taking unfamiliar risks only makes sense.


When we think about the average internet forum user, it’s easy to immediately picture the white male nerd posting on 4chan and Reddit about the newest development in a sci-fi series.

Boy de Chanel

Inviting all creatures to experiment with you is a winning mantra for cosmetic brands.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

One woman should feel as good and confident in what she wears as any other.

Comedy Bang Bang!

Podcasts have most certainly declared themselves the second golden age of radio and more importantly, I would say, the second golden age of radio comedy.


We’re going out to eat to get the perfect picture.


Nursing a hangover when you’re not a super young person feels like eating soup with a fork, except the soup is definitely of a Matzah Ball variety, injecting its rocket-high salt content into the frayed and dehydrated shell of human that’s somehow still in there somewhere.

Britney Spears

The fame machine sucks in and spits out young girls.


At some point or another, every trend or idea is ‘basic.’