Everyone’s perspective and experience with their body is individualistic; nonetheless, the aspects of our human bodies are consistently categorized.

The Lunch Room is an older sister to Detroit Filling Station, if you will.


EnspiRED’s 12th annual show conveyed honest truths of the human experience through fashion, while still maintaining a central focus of community-building and giving.

The new year doesn’t always have to be the starting line.

There’s no disapproving shadow of judgment cast over the women who partake in behaviors meant to make themselves as appealing and faultless to men as possible. These scenes breathe.


All profits from this year’s show will be donated to Ozone House, an Ypsilanti-based nonprofit that provides at-risk youth with housing and intensive intervention and prevention services.


Something about Elaine had always enthralled me, and so when she became Teen Vogue’s head honcho, I could feel new ground breaking beneath my feet.

The first challenge I had to face as an 18-year-old college freshman who had been absolutely spoiled when it comes to culinary art my entire life, was that I was scared of the dining hall.

We live in a place where sex is this overshadowing stigma, this idea that “everybody’s doing it.” But how does this social pressure affect us young adults and our sex lives?