Stylistically speaking, a date party outfit must possess high levels of Gram-ability (a term I am coining right now).


An exploration of the fashion industry's role in national political discourse.

I struggle internally whenever I wear Adidas Superstars.


This is me begging you to not only to recognize the diversity of your audience, but to fully embrace it for the first time in your history.


I’m here to address what most industry experts have long since stuffed in a junk drawer alongside their Neopets. I’m talking about early 2000s fashion in the United States of America.

“Dior and I”

Faced with every imaginable obstacle in the business, the team faces crippling challenges but triumphs by the skin of their teeth.


The prices were tamed, the looks were not.

Van Herpen finds her inspiration in modern architecture.

Van Herpen’s philosophies are mindful approaches that can be applied to a variety of disciplines, and something she hopes to be earnest fuel for Michigan students’ own creative pursuits.


‘Fashion Month’ finally comes to a close, and with it comes the need for a candid illustration of the intriguing innovations (or lack thereof) that the fashion industry's gentry have had the opportunity of showcasing.

The B-Side, Sept. 29, 2016

As fashion month comes to a close and the showgoing glitterati recovers from a non-stop jaunt around the runways of New York, London, Milan, and Paris, it seems an oasis of the Midwest was missing from this — and every — fashion calendar.