Joy — that’s what brought everyone to Salzburg. The Sound of Music should be everything I hate in a movie — it’s next-level sappy and cliché — but it’s about good guys beating bad guys, family, love and figuring out what brings you joy.


The show skims past some of the problems with this romantic view of literature. The “classics” don’t include everybody; in fact, they have traditionally been extremely exclusive.

Clara Scott

The first time I downloaded Tinder as a freshly-minted student here at the University, I was shocked to immediately find a peculiar species of male Ann Arborite running amok: the fish man.

Sadhana Ramaseshadri / Daily

As strange as this may sound, I’ve actually found there to be an inexplicable beauty in this hate-watching of the performance arts. There is something beautiful, after all, in the fragility of this artform; the elasticity of the boundary separating the best of art from the worst of art.


The special thing about paninis is that they are so much more than just separate ingredients: in one bite you can have the whole world on your palate as flavors that you never imagined combine and blend.


It’s fundamentally cynical. Yet the musical influences that Stromae channels and combines are playful and sugary as (name your European continental pop group here).

Dayton, on juxtaposition

Much of the concert functioned like a study in contrasts. Often the quartet would lock into a tight and controlled pattern, almost hocket-like, providing a backdrop for Zenón to improvise fluid and athletic lines above, below, around and within the quartet’s music, the rigidity of the quartet starkly different from the saxophone line.


My birthday was on Feb. 1st and if the first 22 years of my life were any indication, this is a mostly awful date for anything celebratory.


What I found with Pandora’s help was music that I could really call mine for the first time.

The Organ

It is not the struggle between the mind and the blank page, in other words, but it is the struggle between the musical ideas and the instrument that must communicate them.