College has brought about a renaissance in my board game playing.


It’s an active, mindful and incredibly difficult challenge to continuously tame your subconscious, but it’s surely not impossible.


“Our theme ‘Exogenesis’ surrounds the unknown,” wrote Williams. “The place where creativity and flyness come together and go hand in hand beautifully.


If breakfast food was a major offered at the University, I’d have a 4.0. I wouldn’t even need to re-subscribe to my Chegg account if I were taking classes like “Intro to How Do You Like Your Eggs” instead of “Polisci 495.”


Of course, none of this would work if he had to try. The beauty of the Jordan Poole effect lies in its ease. In offering a new set of relatable antics every game, Poole has made it clear that this is just the person he is.

Hoops Earrings

Before I begin, I would like to state that I am not picking a side in this article.

Blank Slate Creamery

Everything in Ann Arbor, even the ice cream, is done with a degree of love I didn’t know existed in any other pocket of the earth.

Michigan Fashion Media Summit

The day-long conference entails a never-before-seen grouping of speakers from the fashion industry.


According to Harvard Medical School, coffee can be used to reduce the risk of certain diseases like diabetes or Parkinson’s, yet coffee can cause harm to your body through stomach ulcers and cardiovascular issues.


In a distinctly uncomfortable manner, the work shows viewers the amount of change that has yet to occur surrounding topics that involve the boundaries between the natural and the artificial.