And they said misogyny was dead, or was it chivalry?

Kevin Garnett

Hold your own dunk contest, participated in by you, judged by you, and announced by you.


Today, the size of an artist’s following is examined with perhaps more scrutiny than the work they produce.

Yoko Ono

She was her own person, not just an extension of a very famous man.


I’m gonna let you know exactly what I will not be atoning for this year.

Eli Rallo

Basically, my body has not made a hospitable environment for pizza, pasta, cookies, bread and happiness.

Austin Smith

Smith’s trajectory makes it glaringly obvious: Self-expression is valuable in its every manifestation.

Health and Wellness Column

I don’t quite know what self-care means and I can’t pretend to know how to nurture myself or, more importantly, improve the well-being of others. I do know, however, when I need to slow things down while everything else goes blurring by.

My eyelashes and other shortcomings

These eyelashes can protect even the most sensitive eyes from desert sandstorms, I’m sure of it.


Her genius did not lie in charisma, but pure inventiveness.