The collection itself is impeccably done; the clothes have a luxurious intensity to them, coupled with a fine attention to detail.

I believe women, especially those that are alpha females, emit an energy that is best received by other women.


I could wax poetic about the nuggz for hours.


There is power in committing to transforming your body, in saying no to foods that are wrong for your body and for the environment and in allotting time to cook new meals.


I would prefer to live in a world where the term “luxurious Crocs” remains exclusively oxymoronic.

To safely wake up, allow your body to sleep, let your mind dream the crazy dreams.

Maybe someday I will write about Taylor Swift. Today is not that day.


As to be expected, the majority of Fenty x Puma’s allure isn’t its subtleties.


I was taken aback by this look. I stopped in my metaphorical tracks.


Here is a list of foods that I don’t think you should put in a can.