Michigan Fashion Media Summit

Collaboration is a pillar of the Michigan Fashion Media Summit. Whether it be with fellow attendees, or through panel conversations, the entire event offers a business approach to fashion, making it a truly one of a kind event on campus.


For now I’ll cherish my schmear because the terrifying hypothetical consequences of its absentia from life should probably be left unspeculative.


What started out as uncertainty about how much I could enjoy the time by myself became a bittersweet feeling as the day ended, as I truly was able to explore the city and more importantly spend time with myself — something I do not do nearly enough at college.


Even within the aforementioned limited house framework, Black Coffee innovates.

Imagine Dragons

Part of why the original Woodstock remains in our memory today is its accidental nature ― no one expected those three days to become as much of a cultural touchstone as they are. It was a wild world then, and it is now. But I don’t know whether our wild is conducive to replicating the same serendipitous genius that produced Woodstock.

Courtesy of Sadhana Ramaseshadri

So as I’ve often asked myself, could I live without music? The events of this past weekend forced me to reconsider this question and the answer that I’ve long held to it.

John Mulaney

John Mulaney must be a timeless wizard of comedy, bending time and space to make us laugh.


Maybe the lesson I learned about the name we give fried potatoes was about more than just potatoes.


Some friends of mine recently introduced me to Letterboxd, and immediately I was hooked. Letterboxd is a social media service that allows users to track films they’ve watched, write their thoughts about said films and even see peers’ movie-watching activity.


Skinner just describes being alive, being stupid, being aware that the present-day routine will one day become nostalgia fodder.