Emily Blumenthal does not want to talk tariffs.


The indoctrination of look queens into the cavalcade of fashion’s “elite” is not just about selling an idea; it’s an act of self awareness and a turnkey moment in terms of what it means to define oneself and what it means to be beautiful.


This year’s Met Gala was anything but boring. Feathers, tulles and neons saturated the pink carpet of the famous event that took place on Monday, May 6th. The theme, inspired by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” mainly featured over-the-top aesthetics.

Sony Pictures Classics

We recognize beginnings borne of endings borne of beginnings, the memories esoteric only because the memories are slightly foggy.


A resurgence of Adidas and Nike sneakers brought the Air Force 1 back in 2014. This time, however, they were championed by white people.


The man seemed to extract every possible ounce of power and emotion out of his body during his performances: He was blessed a voice with an unreal vocal range. Despite his wild gesticulations, he had an impressive control over his voice down to the tightest vibrato.

The Prize

It is the inclusion of new works to this homogeneous classical music canon, I now realize, that must be celebrated, whether they be works of hip-hop or works by female composers.

Becky Portman

I’ve always been Becky. I think it’s because my parents felt weird calling an infant such a large and syllable-filled name like Rebecca. First I was Baby Becky then Becky Boo then Miss Becky then just Becky.


Paola Uccelliera, a tough wine maker, leaned in to me as I enjoyed a tasting at Uccelliera and said, “It’s a bit of a mess, no? But that is okay. Verona is the reason this works. Verona forgives everything.”

QLF Records

PNL is one of those rare artists (think Springsteen or Jay Z) that can imbue their music with a convincing sense of grandeur.