While the collection itself is worth the hype surrounding it, it would seem that this collaboration between high fashion and mass produced retail, between Balmain and H&M, is anything but for the masses.

The industry would not be as powerful and influential as it is today without the revamping of fashion marketing through the introduction of the Internet and more specifically, social media. Social media platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat — are bringing fashion to the masses on an everyday basis.

I’m greedy.

Halloween 2015 went out with a bang. Here are some of The Michigan Daily style team shares the most notable looks from at hoMe and Hollywood.

You know the drill. Class just ended, and conveniently, Drake’s latest album is still fresh on the charts. You’re alone.

Though there are countless fashion-focused Snappers out there, I have diligently curated a definitive ranking of those whose Snap Stories I can’t help but replay. From the outrageous snippets of celebrity day-to-day details to what’s happening right now at Allure magazine, here are the consummate SnapChatters for the style-inclined.

The boyfriend jean writes its story on its leg: here is evidence of a partner, a brash sartorial confidence and a life ruggedly had, evinced by the holes that limbs poke out of.

Recently, the world of high fashion pulled an Angelina Jolie and adopted the sneaker.

You’ve seen it on Rihanna; you’ve seen it on Zayn Malik; you (might) have seen it on me across the Diag.

I cultivated a collection this summer that I’m likely to maintain throughout the fall — a set of inspirations that have manifested into my identity, or I suppose “spark joy.”