It’s difficult but rewarding, meticulous and enduring … let’s face it: It’s not easy going back to the bar.

Was it assault? Or bad sex?

Vivienne Hu's NYFW Show

The New York-based designer looked to her Chinese heritage for her Autumn/Winter 2018 show, presented at Spring Studios during New York Fashion Week.

As the lights flashed back on, an audible gasp spread across the room.


If you’re not willing to get messy in the kitchen, then cooking isn’t for you.

Everyone’s perspective and experience with their body is individualistic; nonetheless, the aspects of our human bodies are consistently categorized.

The Lunch Room is an older sister to Detroit Filling Station, if you will.


EnspiRED’s 12th annual show conveyed honest truths of the human experience through fashion, while still maintaining a central focus of community-building and giving.

The new year doesn’t always have to be the starting line.