The B-Side, Sept. 29, 2016

As fashion month comes to a close and the showgoing glitterati recovers from a non-stop jaunt around the runways of New York, London, Milan, and Paris, it seems an oasis of the Midwest was missing from this — and every — fashion calendar.

NY Fashion Week SS17

Stunning, jarring, intriguing, scary — all apt descriptors for hullaballoo that has been the latest iteration of New York Fashion Week.


Chanel and her legacy have a serious influence over almost everything we consider stylish and fashionable in modern times (seriously — everything).


The Bronze Elegance 2016 fashion show was bold, sexy and truly an art form.

Slimane reappropriated a lot of what he saw being worn and embodied on the streets of Paris and New York’s clubs, creating a romanticized version of modern urban street culture.


NOiR’s Runway Fashion 2016 show, benefitting a Detroit-based charity, went above and beyond the average capabilities of a student-run organization.

The finished product: Makeup Artist Moriah Martin with our model, Hannah Sparks.

There is so much more to someone’s style than clothing. Jewelry, shoes, hair and makeup, to name a few, are all indicators of personal style. Makeup in particular, for both men and women, serves as a higher form of self-expression.

Rousteing produced pieces that embrace women of all shapes and ages, setting the tone for a new kind of sexy.

The designer really had every kind of woman in mind while creating these pieces.


If MaxMara is known for one thing, it’s his signature camel coat. As anticipated, the designer’s timeless item once again graced the Milan runways; this time, however, it came adorned and paired with unprecedented gilded upgrades.