Ian Harris

Faced with the death of iTunes and the increasing feeling that I was depriving myself of quality music listening time by having to look up songs on YouTube and listen to ear splitting YouTube ads when I biked around campus, more and more I thought that joining Spotify might not be the worst decision I’d ever made. Why had I fought against it all these years? Was it really because I hated “media socialism?”


At times sophisticated and at others melancholic yet strangely childish, the album still sounds futuristic in the same way a Lamborghini Countach still looks futuristic. Both didn’t necessarily predict the predominant aesthetics of the future, but perhaps we just haven’t really caught up.

Clara Scott

By separating the remnants of a girlish ideal from my identity as an adult, I found another way of being myself, embracing style and writing and music as the things that make up who I am.

Maxwell Schwarz

I had a bum tire in a small northern town, over 200 miles from home, on a holiday weekend. For those of you not from the Midwest, this is a calamity of the highest magnitude.

Getty Images

Play/Ground was a sensory overload, tailor made for the interests of young women like me.


Opening on a gluttonous helping of piercing, Prodigy-indebted synth and a battery of steel-toed boots (the house down), Donatella Versace’s message at the Versace Menswe


Sample sales are the best way to save when shopping in New York City. They should be on the radar of anyone looking for a unique (albeit competitive) experience that will take you into the depths of New York’s fashion scene. Why shop like Carrie Bradshaw when you could save like Frugal Fannie?


There is no ground zero or state of normal from which a person deviates, and even though Pride Month has become a vehicle for exploitation, it’s also brought us to the tipping point of identitarian subjugation.


Emily Blumenthal does not want to talk tariffs.


The indoctrination of look queens into the cavalcade of fashion’s “elite” is not just about selling an idea; it’s an act of self awareness and a turnkey moment in terms of what it means to define oneself and what it means to be beautiful.