According to a recent University of Michigan study, women’s underrepresentation in certain fields may stem from their inclination towards competing in smaller groups.

A new University of Michigan research study shows how the Affordable Care Act has reduced racial and ethnic disparities in health insurance coverage.

A team from the University of Michigan School of Public Health, in partnership with the University of South Florida Health Informatics Institute, received a $900,000 dollar funding award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute for studying treatment response in rare diseases.

A new report from University of Michigan researchers and state health officials identifies climate change as an emerging threat to public health in Michigan. 

Research by a team of experts from the University of Michigan and the University of Texas at Austin has revealed the potentially harmful effects of spanking on children in a study conducted by Andrew Grogan-Kaylor, Un

Despite the fact that an education acts as a protective factor against depression for most social groups, it is conversely a risk factor for depression among Black men, according to a recent University of Michigan study.

Electronic cigarettes are more likely to encourage traditional cigarette smokers to quit than cause non-smokers to begin, according to a recent University of Michigan 

New University research shows a childhood preference for sweet foods may be a predictor of unhealthy weight gain.

Research Assistant Katrina Lewandowski carefully cleans mud off of a mammoth skull at the Ruthann Museum of Natural History.

The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History partnered with the community in a crowdfunding effort to display the Bristle Mammoth remains, which were discovered by farmer James Bristle last October.

A University of Michigan research team led by John Tesmer, professor of pharmacology and biological chemistry, published a study earlier this month on a structure of a protein that might be important for