Off the Record

Marsai Martin

We’ve seen her belt at the top of her lungs to Beyonce’s “Love On Top”. We’ve witnessed her serve witty comebacks as Diane in the popular hit series “Blackish.” Now we finally get to see this little queen achieve greater feats.

Winner Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss

On the second season of Celebrity Big Brother an unprecedented event may occur: a final four consisting of all Black contestants.

The "7 Rings" music video

Ariana Grande has been putting out a stream of hit songs and videos about her very public relationships, breakups and more. 7 Rings, one of her latest songs that soared to number one of Billboard’s Hot 100, is only the latest in a line of songs that everyone seems to be listening to.

The author

Behind every bleach blonde is someone who is likely going through it — I am no exception.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Even though the holiday created in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. is only technically one day, many people spend the whole latter half of January honoring his amazing legacy.

Halimat Olaniyan and friends

My best feminist. I really like that saying. Thanks @seekrefugeco for coming up with that and reminding me of what I have to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. On this 14th of February, I want to highlight 14 of the women that without, I don’t know what, where, or who I’d be.

Halimat Olaniyan

What is self love?

It’s not just spa dates and candle lit baths.

It’s not just mani-pedis and facemasks.

It’s not just what the media claims it to be,

But it can be all of that too.


In fact, it’s whatever you want and need it to be.


Yeah, yeah, so you’ve heard it before. Journaling is a good way to relieve stress, compartmentalize things you have to do and does great things for your mind overall. How many times have you been told to journal to relieve stress or to pick it up as a hobby?

Ashley Kim

A book that I still clearly remember from middle school is The Fold by An Na. It tells a story of a Korean American girl, having conflicted feelings about her monolid eyes where her plastic surgery-addict aunt is pushing her to get the crease surgery.