President Barack Obama speaks to audience members about the Detroit Auto show and the Flint water crisis during a speech at the UAW-GM center in Detroit on Wednesday.

In an effort to highlight the success of the auto industry bailout and its subsequent recovery, President Barack Obama visited the North American Auto Show in Detroit Wednesday.

Protestors chant outside the Governor Rick Synder's Main Street address at a march on Monday. Demonstrators marched from Rackham Auditorium calling for the arrest of Governor Snyder in response to the Flint water crisis.

A group  of Michigan residents from across the state gathered in Ann Arbor Monday to call for the arrest of Gov. Rick Snyder, one of a wave of protests held in past weeks statewide over the Flint water crisis. 

DEARBORN — Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson stopped at the University’s Dearborn campus Wednesday as part of a nationwide tour emphasizing the importance of combating prejudices against the Muslim community and taking action in response to terrorism.

Source: CNN/ORC

President Barack Obama highlighted the economy, healthcare and national security.

Under Obama's action, proxy-business private sellers now must use background checks before selling firearms.

This year’s legislative session touched on a number of issues directly relevant to the University and Ann Arbor communities, including scholarship funding and concealed weapons use on college campuses.

Irwin said he thought the GOP felt straight ticket voting has a significant influence on candidates at the end of the ballot like the University’s Board of Regents.

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson speaks to supporters at a campaign rally at Spring Arbor University Fieldhouse in Spring Arbor on Sept. 23, 2015.

The visit is closed to press specifically by request of the University, according to the Carson campaign.

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson speaks to supporters at a campaign rally at Spring Arbor University Field house in Spring Arbor township on Wednesday.

The crowd of Ben Carson supporters who filled Spring Arbor University’s gymnasium exploded with applause as the former neurosurgeon and University alum walked on stage.

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina greets supporters as she arrives on Mackinac Island for the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference on Saturday.

MACKINAC ISLAND — Their platforms were different, but the Saturday speeches of former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and Sen.