On this installment of the Spotlight Artist series, Sammy talks with MEMCO members Petr Moore and Jamie Johnson about their lives as student DJs.

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EPA worker representative Mark Coryell talks impact of previous government shutdown. Sammy Sussman discusses his investigative piece on SMTD professor Stephen Shipps.

Pass the MiC
Meet Aly, Anurima, and Dierra as they highlight people of color on the University of Michigan's campus and in today's popular culture. Join them and their special guest speakers as they chat, snap, and clap-back. Get vulnerable, get comfortable, get real, and get ready to Pass the Mic. 
Presented by The Michigan Daily's sports section, a rotating cast of writers discusses Michigan sports.

Michigan's softball and baseball seasons are getting underway. We preview their seasons with Daily writers covering the teams.

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The Department of Education is investigating a complaint filed by U-M Flint Professor Mark Perry alleging that the University of Michigan discriminates against men.

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The Wolverines took their second loss of the season in convincing fashion, and it leaves us with questions about whether or not Michigan's depth could prohibit it from reaching its season goals. Also, Max turned 21.

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In this episode, host Catherine Nouhan talks with Public Policy senior Lauren Schandevel and LSA seniors Meaghan Wheat and Zach Tingley who created the social class and inequalities studies minor.

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With the Oscars right around the corner, Sammy talks with our producers Olive Scott and Livi McKenzie about the awards season. Then, Sammy talks with film writer, Madeleine Gaudin, and the director of the Umich screenwriting program, Jim Burnstein.

Presented by The Michigan Daily's sports section, a rotating cast of writers discusses Michigan sports.

Michigan basketball rolls along after a slight hitch in the giddy-up, and hockey probably needed more than its split against Penn State to feel good about their postseason hopes. All that and an update on Rutgers BACKsketball.

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This week, The Daily Weekly team went to a protest in support of the Green New Deal, talked to Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and EMU student, Hudson Villenueve, who's starting a Sunrise Movement chapter in Ann Arbor. This episode also recaps weekly news from The Daily a