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If you are anything like me and have been single your entire adult life, Valentine’s Day can be one of the best days of the year. No, really. It’s the one day of the year I can scream Taking Back Sunday's “Cute Without the ‘E’” without feeling like I’m stuck in middle school. Why?

Daily music writers recap their thoughts on moments and memories of the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, music's biggest night.

Whip out your favorite mug, turn up the volume, and enjoy!


How many of your city’s artists have rapped about having sex on your team’s field in the middle of a game?

Imagine, for a moment, a time in your life when sleep was easy, you were content with your place in the world and news outside of your hometown was inconsequential (as far as you were concerned, anyway).


Your Daily Arts editors sound off about the various artistic victors of 2016.

So, take advantage of the black expanse of each night. Let it all creep up on you. Set a brisk pace, hunker down in a coffee shop, or stare at your ceiling and just listen.

This movie I’ve made up in my head ends on the eating of Thanksgiving dinner. As the camera does one last shot around the table, the song drops and the credits roll.

The longer I thought about it, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t immediately seen such an utterance as problematic. I’m a feminist, damnit.

This playlist is for those who might be feeling alienated, rejected, disheartened or scared.