No Filter

no filter

This movie I’ve made up in my head ends on the eating of Thanksgiving dinner. As the camera does one last shot around the table, the song drops and the credits roll.

The longer I thought about it, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t immediately seen such an utterance as problematic. I’m a feminist, damnit.

This playlist is for those who might be feeling alienated, rejected, disheartened or scared.

So … about last Tuesday.

Fall is for the feels. That’s probably why I am obsessed with it.


These coordinated dance rap songs occupy a special space in the rap world, one that usually ends up between electrifying and cringe worthy, and always end up playing well at Bar Mitzvahs.


It’s the little minute nudge, or maybe a forceful push, to free yourself from the grips of apathy.

Dej Loaf

Loaf peacocks as a swaggering playboy, but does so without dissing herself or her gender.

Last May, I made an attempt at projecting how this year’s summer movies will do. And, well ... let’s just say there’s always kinks the first time.

Frank Ocean

Admit it: there’s been a time (or 100) when you’ve found yourself to be in your feelings.