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Bad Advice Will gets a bit more emotional (and personal) in this week’s edition.

No Sell

“Logan” proved that the success of “Deadpool” wasn’t a fluke; rated R superhero movies that actually take themselves seriously can be both commercially and critically successful.

It’s such a cunning and calculated sonic move — an affectation that sounds light and girly, but hides a cutting honesty just underneath its surface.

I still haven’t found an adjective that does his style justice; alieny? Maybe?

No Filter writer Joe Fraley talks Kendrick, Kanye and who should (and shouldn't be) bragging in his first piece for Daily Arts.

Music writer Sam Lu brings together a breakup playlist that (hopefully) won't make you cry.

It’s so exactly right — equal parts deadly focused and heart-wide-open.

This week, film writer Will Stewart advises his fellow Wolverines on how to live a healthy, stress-free life.

The queen of rap has an extensive catalogue, check out some of her lower-profile pop collaborations.

Film Writer Asif Becher debuts her first pop music column: ruminating on the omnipresent theme of desire, why it works and how it will never last forever.