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I don’t think pop artists are the peak of authenticity or anything. That would be ridiculous. But I think there are lots of tiny moments of carefully constructed earnestness, moments where they really mean what they’re singing.

There’s also going to be a Marshmello. I don’t know what that is. Sorry.

No Sell

In his second column, Christian Kennedy revisits one of his favorite episodes of "Girls."

No Sell

In the first installment of his retrospective multimedia column, No Filter editor Christian Kennedy takes another look at the album that came before "Lemonade."

Bad Advice Will gets a bit more emotional (and personal) in this week’s edition.

No Sell

“Logan” proved that the success of “Deadpool” wasn’t a fluke; rated R superhero movies that actually take themselves seriously can be both commercially and critically successful.

It’s such a cunning and calculated sonic move — an affectation that sounds light and girly, but hides a cutting honesty just underneath its surface.

I still haven’t found an adjective that does his style justice; alieny? Maybe?

No Filter writer Joe Fraley talks Kendrick, Kanye and who should (and shouldn't be) bragging in his first piece for Daily Arts.

Music writer Sam Lu brings together a breakup playlist that (hopefully) won't make you cry.