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Welcome to the final week of Capricorn season! This week, as a sort of incidental send-off to the season, a rare astrological event is occurring. Six planets will be aligning in Capricorn at once, affecting each sign uniquely and perceptibly.


Every time I fly back to St. Louis, I just know that at least one of the security guards I pass on my way to baggage claim will say “howdy” instead of “hello.” The thought always makes me giddy because it means I’m home.


The power of the aesthetic she has curated cannot be understated. She has created fine art as an African American woman that is recognized not because of its “otherness” or racial identity but on its own aesthetic merit. The merit just happens to root from Solange’s experiences with her identity.


3 verses, 4 flows and back-up from the biggest star in music.


1. ???
2. "Call It What You Want"
3. "...Ready For It?"

I was a passive fan of Tame Impala before Currents became my freshman-year obsession.


“Double Platinum, no features,” the phrase can be heard ringing out the mouth of a J. Cole fanboy at almost any moment

The first time I was ever blown away by a movie trailer I was sitting in a theater in 2010 with my family to see “Inception” — now one of my absolute favorite films.

Film writer Asif Becher returns with her No Filter column on pop music. This week's subject: fratboy DJs, The Chainsmokers.

Many of the songs here are songs that I imagine myself listening to smothered in coziness, my dead heartleaf philodendron hanging in the corner of the room.