No Filter

no filter

3 verses, 4 flows and back-up from the biggest star in music.


1. ???
2. "Call It What You Want"
3. "...Ready For It?"

I was a passive fan of Tame Impala before Currents became my freshman-year obsession.


“Double Platinum, no features,” the phrase can be heard ringing out the mouth of a J. Cole fanboy at almost any moment

The first time I was ever blown away by a movie trailer I was sitting in a theater in 2010 with my family to see “Inception” — now one of my absolute favorite films.

Film writer Asif Becher returns with her No Filter column on pop music. This week's subject: fratboy DJs, The Chainsmokers.

Many of the songs here are songs that I imagine myself listening to smothered in coziness, my dead heartleaf philodendron hanging in the corner of the room.

Music writer Daniel Madion picks the necessary T-Swift tracks for the release of her sixth LP.

Daily Arts editors pick the crème de la crème.

Daily Arts editors pick the crème de la crème.