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Daily Arts Writer Carly Snider takes lead on this week's mixtape, urging listeners toward the against-the-grain sound of proto-punk bands that lead to the modern idea of "rock 'n' roll."


Not all of us can be confident enough to dress like a Starman or strut like Jagger on a daily basis, but we can listen to musicians who are.

Meet Ben Schechter: Seattle native, General Studies senior with a focus in entrepreneurship — and music discovery extraordinaire.

2015 was a huge year for change in the media landscape.


Daily Arts Writer Kim Batchelor gives fans a blow-by-blow of the mystical happenings in the CW series's latest episode.

Daily Arts Writer Vanessa Wong's mixtape exudes female satisfaction coated in pure, pop magic.

The audience gets to see someone who, despite the opinion of some, is an intelligent, very realistic person.

Elle King performed at the Majestic Theater in Detroit on Wednesday.

King certainly isn’t America’s sweetheart, she’s not rock ‘n’ roll’s either (yet), but on Wednesday night a much-hyped show proved, at least for a night, she was Detroit’s.

But let's not forget the triumph of feminism that a forgettable contestant left us with: "Don't ever expect anything from humans," she tearfully proclaimed. "I'm just going to start adopting cats now." I'm truly sad to see her go.


That’s why you don’t make a deal with the Devil.