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Tobias Jesso Jr.

In March of 2015 Tobias Jesso Jr.’s six-foot-seven frame seemed to materialize out of nowhere and place in our laps the sweet, devastatingly sad Goon.


When one thinks of Pluto, one thinks of the age-old question: Is Pluto a planet?

Who’s to say? I’m not sure that that’s that big of deal.

Arts, Interrupted

The Michigan Daily’s arts and culture podcast, Arts, Interrupted, is back this week with an

University of Michigan Musuem of Art

I’m not advocating for some sort of crusade against elevators — “Cut the Cables of Oppression!” — all I’m saying is that staircases have been here before elevators and will probably be here after.

Original Character, Do Not Steal
“Zipperhead” Store, South Street

I’m haunted by giant black ants.

Prince: The Hits

This introduction seems futile; no amount of vague, attention-piquing description or scene-setting could do the topic of this piece the proper justice. So, I’ll just tell it like it is: I’m here to talk about Prince.


Despite being employed by a newspaper for which I write about “the arts” on a regular basis, my artistic tastes are quite underdeveloped.


One of the earliest childhood memories that I posses took place on the kindergarten playground. It was a crisp Michigan fall day and I was wearing an oversize pink windbreaker.