New Media

Why do we laugh at other people’s misfortunes?


Trump’s online strategy is intended to provoke people who he knows will get offended by his tweets. This strategy only works depending on how willing we are to retaliate.

Vine gave our generation an accessible, short-form platform of entertainment, a place to joke around and express our individuality through the ever-growing medium of social media.

Is it because they’re attractive? Young? Wealthy? Clever? Talented?

Through the stream-of-consciousness cesspool of Twitter to the free-flowing platform of Facebook, social media users are given greater access to information and thus greater agency to discuss, share and boast about their political views.

Based on my observations, I find that finstas allows us to embrace our flaws, while regular Instagram allows us to hide them and thirst traps to repress them excessively.

Is anything even original anymore?

Months from now, “Damn Daniel” will be a fading memory.

"Paul McCartney is Dead" is back for our 3rd episode.

This type of show, the play-on-screen show, has potential to fill the lack in television for hyper-realistic art.