New Media

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So, it’s been about an hour of sweaty, bass-thumping dancing at a house party that, in most respects, is identical to every other one I’ve ever been to.

"Apex Legends"

“Apex Legends” fixes and innovates many of the problems that make playing Battle Royales frustrating. However, it's not revolutionizing to the point where it will overtake “Fortnite” as the top dog.

"Kingdom Hearts III"

As Sora stacks ability after ability to his roster, the screen becomes a flurry of rainbow chaos, causing your brain to panic, but your eyes to smile. Destroying an entire mob of monsters by riding a glowing merry go round is what I’m talking about when I say it’s better to not question “Kingdom Hearts III.”


I feel, at this point, so allergic to anything ironic or numb in art, whether that’s how it’s made or how I engage with it.


Like most men, Kratos does care, however, when being hunted by giants and gods it doesn’t come out in the nicest way.

Shadow of Colossus

In some cases, remasters are really good, in other cases, remasters are a bad cover-up.

Finding spaces like San Junipero — spaces of at least partial escape, happiness to be found on unwatched street corners, on timeless dance floors — is still a radical enough feeling for queer people.

If we want to keep engaging in the way we already do on the Internet, we must work to maintain it as such, whether through online outreach, protests or dialogue.

Social networks, including Twitter, are supposed to change in order to grow and survive, and we as a culture are supposed to adapt that change.


In my mind, there is a correct and incorrect way to apologize to someone, period. This, folks, is the incorrect way.