New Media

It’s OK to sometimes use social media as an escape, but once in a while, make sure to escape from social media.

Since the beating of Rodney King in 1992, recording videos has become a powerful weapon in documenting injustice.


How have I become so conditioned to compulsively check social media?

What is important for online users is to recognize that we should be open-minded to the idea that someone, celebrity or not, can take responsibility for their actions and realize their mistakes.


"I’m Shmacked" frames the culture of college parties as a free-for-fall extravaganza.

How can we stand together when we blatantly label and dismiss people for speaking their minds?

I’ve seen a lot of people struggling with what they saw as a focus on the celebration of “womanhood.”

Why do we laugh at other people’s misfortunes?


Trump’s online strategy is intended to provoke people who he knows will get offended by his tweets. This strategy only works depending on how willing we are to retaliate.

Vine gave our generation an accessible, short-form platform of entertainment, a place to joke around and express our individuality through the ever-growing medium of social media.