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Yes, Michelin Stars are a great metric to judge a restaurant. But we can extend our pockets and our gratitude towards so much more.


I always know that if I’m ever longing to listen to the groovy ending theme for an awful 2012 anime series that got canceled after one season, I’ll be able to find it on “Osu.”

Courtesy of Daily Arts Punk Rockerz

The Daily Artz Punk Rockers ran the Probility Marathon relay last Sunday. We shockingly placed 14th, verified by the race’s rather impressive standardized results system. Writers can run, too. Ask John. He finished first in his leg.

"The Division 2"

The open-world shooter has become so ubiquitous that games in this genre typically have to go above and beyond to capture my attention. “The Division 2” does not go above and beyond; however, it does capture my attention and, in fact, holds it.


It’s only a matter of time before her brand evolves from trendy teen to chic street style, and that dear reader, is when you can send me a letter confirming that I told you so.


It didn’t matter if it was Hoenn or Unova; every NPC would always refer to me as my chosen name and gender me correctly. Hell, that’s better than the real world — their batting average is way lower than “Pokémon”’s perfect record.

Daily Arts Runners

When you can run 3 miles you can run 4, and when you can run 4 you can grossly round up to 7. And then, suddenly, you’re piecing together a marathon team from the largest group of people you see most frequently: Daily Arts.

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So, it’s been about an hour of sweaty, bass-thumping dancing at a house party that, in most respects, is identical to every other one I’ve ever been to.

"Apex Legends"

“Apex Legends” fixes and innovates many of the problems that make playing Battle Royales frustrating. However, it's not revolutionizing to the point where it will overtake “Fortnite” as the top dog.

"Kingdom Hearts III"

As Sora stacks ability after ability to his roster, the screen becomes a flurry of rainbow chaos, causing your brain to panic, but your eyes to smile. Destroying an entire mob of monsters by riding a glowing merry go round is what I’m talking about when I say it’s better to not question “Kingdom Hearts III.”