Strange Beautiful Music

It was a wild, wacky amalgamation of all of the vaguely out-there music being made around Detroit, and a beautiful reflection of the artistic diversity of the city.

Fred Thomas

Thomas’s storytelling here is at its best: he takes a simple interaction and teases something like objective truth out of it.


FIDLAR crowds are an interesting amalgamation: The pop punks, skate punks, indie rockers and metalheads all seem to unite in their love for the West coast band.

Dua Lipa

With Lipa’s vocals layered over Silk City’s predictable pop algorithm, “Electricity” is unsurprising, yet not terrible.

First Aid Kit's "Rebel Heart"

The video reminds us of one of the alluring aspects of the band’s music — that when they sing of heartbreak and dread, they sing of it together.


I went out to Rick’s a few days ago, possibly the most oppressively anti-queer establishment in Ann Arbor, and rather than feeling the effects of the old venom that haunted my veins, I finally noticed just how comfortable I finally was on the dancefloor.

Stevie Wonder

I continue to associate Wonder’s music with happiness, the way I always have: music for a good mood, for inspiration, faith, joy, for picking yourself back up again.

Paul McCartney

It’s almost too easy to picture him in concert, slamming his guitar and singing wide-eyed into a microphone, cocking his head.


In a way, it is the perfect embodiment of modern music in general.


After this EP draws out intense feelings of desolation and despair, Crutchfield leaves us without closure like most of our haunting memories do.