Michael Jackson from the "You Rock My World" Music Video

Invincible, in hindsight, offers a rare glimpse behind the curtain of pop music’s ever-present label executives and publicists to reveal soundbites of Jackson’s deterioration.

Meghan Remy of U.S. Girls

It’s a record of emotional exploration jumping across the base of free psychedelic rock to peaks of rigid electronic pop all in 37 minutes.

The EDM-pop duo’s latest isn’t exactly unique in the grand scheme of music videos.

Lorde poeticizes the adolescent experience

Each song made the messiness of what it means to be my age OK. Every time I’d become infatuated with the wrong person, every inevitable end of a relationship, every night that ended in a failed quest for belonging — it was all OK.

Beach House

Beach House’s newest single, “Lemon Glow” builds off of the band’s trademark creeping sensuality, but sharpens it.

Belle and Sebastian

Maybe we’re sick of the time period we’re really in, maybe we’re finally directing our attention to a previously underappreciated decade or maybe it’s just good, old-fashioned, random nostalgia.

Aaron Maine of Porches

Speaking to Maine is much like listening to him sing. His words are measured, his speech economic. At first, I thought it was because he was annoyed, or bored with my questions, but I quickly learned that it’s just who he is.

This point is what made me realize why I enjoyed 98.12.28 so much more than the band’s studio albums. It is the rare live album that starkly exceeds the impact of the group’s studio albums precisely because one gets the sense that the artists are pouring everything into the performance.

BROCKHAMPTON are the next big boy band

I made a point to not listen to a single track prior to the concert.


Suddenly that Bauhaus cover they did back in 2011 makes a lot of sense.