Whether intentional or not, In the Morse Code of Brake Lights holds on tightly to The New Pornographer’s trademark high-spirited, merry music-making.


Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and newest member Matt Skiba are all in their mid-to-upper 40s, and they’re still singing about the same shit.


This kind of divergence from Lauv’s previous releases will leave listeners in anticipation for some more of these positive feelings.

Tyler, the Creator in "A BOY IS A GUN"

Tyler the Creator's newest music video is a visual masterpiece.


The tracks range from pleasant yet largely uneventful to interminable.

Ryan Cox

Sharing music with your peers is something that’s really special, and I think that no matter what your music sounds like, it deserves to be heard. That’s what these house shows are for.


The “struggle” isn’t defining: It’s present, it’s there, but Howard’s music suggests that life is more than the struggle.

Bloc Party live at Riot Fest

Walking home from that second day at Riot Fest, my skin buzzed with the energy of everyone I had seen that day.


Last week, after hinting at a new song on social media, Rex Orange County released a new single and music video, “10/10.” Although he is dropping all the hints characteristic of an album rollout circuit, w


Halsey trades out her classic EDM-pop mystique for a darker take on romance on her latest single “Graveyard.” The song is yet another piece to her 2020 project Manic, following the release of “Without Me” last October.