For someone who prefers to largely remain in the shadows of anonymity, Milosh had a surprisingly personable stage presence.

Ric Flair and Metro Boomin in "Ric Flair Drip"

This video is well worth watching just for his performance, and the song is also pretty good, for what it’s worth.

Anderson .Paak is back

“’Til It’s Over” is a psychedelic daydream that you can’t help but be pulled into.

Fred Thomas plays at MOCAD 3/8

For people who like tracking along with an album’s lyrics as they listen, Thomas's catalog is a goldmine.

Tim Darcy of Ought

The Montreal-based, post-punk band has become globally recognized since the release of their debut EP in 2011.

Jeff Mills

Before the group even appeared, the energy was tangible.

Soccer Mommy

Bad relationships are the running concern on the DIY indie rocker’s effective debut album ‘Clean.’ Over alternatively soft and subtly vicious chord progressions, she sings about unfollowed desires, self-doubt and disappointment.

Porches perform at El Club in Detroit

Aaron Maine, the frontman and creative genius behind Porches, is a man who definitely knows how to move his hips. With each groovy pop hit (whether he was donning a guitar or not), more often than not Maine would be swaying with each syncopated beat.

If music is to be — as its most strident champions assert — the universal language, it has to do better with speaking in a universal voice.

Phoebe Bridgers will perform at the Pike Room March 1

Bridgers is evidence of a shifting change in popular music towards complete authenticity, proudly wearing her heart on her sleeve.