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The unrestrained nature of the video, titled “This is Dominic Fike,” is an introduction Fike deserves.

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“CHopstix” is Q dropping the baton. There’s no telling now if his upcoming album CrasH Talk will be golden or garbage.

Quinn XCII

Pseudonym week continues with Daily Music Writer Kaitlyn Fox and Mikael Temrowski, otherwise known as Quinn XCII.

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Hear what the South has to say with Daily Music Writer Dylan Yono and the band OutKast.

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Daily Music Writer Sam Cantie explores the dizzying pseudonym of Still Woozy himself.


A stage name is special. Oftentimes, it’s a unique representation of a creative identity that an artist feels his or her given name does not properly personify.


“I guess,” Mukharji reflected, “there’s something very intimate about folk in terms of the live show … the amount of production that goes into our Americana folk record is immense, but when you come see the show, there are a couple microphone stands standing between us and the audience like a living room, and we really enjoy that tradition.”


Between adolescence and adulthood, there’s a hazy, underappreciated threshold. Your early twenties are fast and ruthless, messy as your fight for control ends in the merciless reality of independence.

Hunter Hayes

Since kicking off his music career in his late teens, Hayes has created a name for himself in the country music sphere with over 40 award nominations and wins, including a CMA for New Artist of the Year. While he realizes most listeners adore the teenage love songs of his previous albums, Hayes is excited for fans to hear Closer to You, since, unlike any of his albums in the past, it comes from a more personal, sacred space.

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“Cool” is everything one would expect it to be when blind optimism is thrown away: boring.