If the electronic instrumentals were stripped away and replaced by something more acoustic and folksy, Cows on Hourglass Pond would be fit to be performed at local folk venue The Ark.

21 Savage

The headlines about 21 Savage’s arrest and deportation proceedings last month seemed straight out of an Onion article.

Capitol Records

It’s a masterful move to affirm your own position and put down your horrible boyfriend in the fell swoop of a single world, but that’s what Stella does.

Def Jam Records

Outside of a careful recreation, she doesn’t really have much to bring to the table, and this video proves that.

BMO Rights Management

Karen O and Danger Mouse’s album collaboration is fantastic not because the songs are engaging (which they are) or for good lyrics (all together haunting, energetic and hypnotizing), but because the album seemingly breaks all the rules.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

The band releases a staggering amount of music, but based on this most recent release, the band’s prolificity is not a hindrance whatsoever.

Vince Staples live at Royal Oak Music Theatre

Lights on, there’s Vince. Let’s go, baby!


There’s no better fit for the song — “Binz” breezes. It’s a lazy sprint, reveling in taking it slow.

RCA Records

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib's newest single “Bandana” suggests an iconic album.

Billy Joel

Billy Joel reaches for both the everyman charm of Bruce Springsteen and the campy virtuosity of Elton John ― however, he misses both marks, falling flat on his face in the middle.