Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Yung Lean is only 19 years old.


“Just another girl from a small town with big dreams / Just another wild heart who’s looking to break free / And the locks on the doors only make me want more of the crown / In the black of the night, there’s a hum you can feel in the ground.”


“Girls” is the perfect show for maximizing the potential of music to compliment characters and scenes.

Young Thug

It’s Young Thug’s least cluttered, most streamlined and approachable tape so far.


Meet the new and improved Justin Timberlake.


K. Michelle's latest 12-track album vaguely resembles the terrain of Kansas: flat, repetitive and prone to causing drowsiness.

Jazz’s liberating nature separates it from other genres of music.


PND is working with his bread and butter in “Come And See Me.”


The majority of the video is surreal, making it impossible for viewers to place the house in which the actions take place at a certain point in time or space.


Unfortunately, Makonnen’s most recent EP, Drink More Water 6, does not sound like the musings of a sleepy tripper.