The music itself is organically expressive, almost lyrical in its sonic quality, even without lyrics.


Chairlift, give us something cool, something great, something weird. We know it’s in you.

I needed these guys with guitars to be my preachers. Their albums were so special to me that I wanted them to be scripture.

Like King, many rappers continue to produce powerful music in which they continue to share their dreams. And many of these dreams resonate with those of Dr. King.

I thought that, in 2016, it was impossible to use “Bohemian Rhapsody” in any kind of new or interesting way,

MC5 is anything but just another rock group from the ’60s.


For long-time Panic! at the Disco fans, it may be hard to believe that the group’s first album came out over a decade ago.


“Hello Ariana, welcome to your best New Year’s ever.”

If I was asked to go to another hardcore metal Toys for Tots show I’d be there in a heart beat.

With its tradition of the "RooClue," Bonnaroo dishes out tantalizingly tricky clues to its Instagram followers, teasing them with who may or may not be playing the Tennessee festival this year.