Even now that my music taste has expanded and varied quite a bit, whenever I go back to the Persian classics I remember my parents playing, I gain a certain sense of sweet nostalgia.

Apple Music and Spotify have a bunch of problems, but it’s easy to overlook them because only 10 years ago the music industry was hemorrhaging from an epidemic of illegal mp3 downloading.

Life is but a series of close calls, especially if you’re a rapper.

It was late night in June of 1937, and the young composer sat alone in his Moscow apartment, bent over his work.


YG’s music video for “Why You Always Hatin?”, a single off his sophomore album Still Brazy is, in a word, lavish. The first 40 seconds have the rapper casually hop out of a helicopter and hop into a red Mercedes.


What’s certain is that there is nothing here even remotely comparable to her ceiling-shattering single “Paper Planes” or the unforgettable “Bad Girls.”


A feature spot ‘Blood on Me’ is not.


The album is a continuation of what Travis has always done; it’s like he just changed clothes and invented a new gang sign.


At its purest, ‘Schmilco’ is 12 tracks of calm sentiment.


Trading much of their indie charm in exchange for wider appeal, the sound of Signs of Light is a surprisingly accurate reflection of TH&TH’s move to Warner Bros.