Vince Staples

The most noticeable progression on “Prima Donna” is in Staples’ tone, which can sound more downtrodden and dystopic than anything he’s released before.

Jay Z

Music usually isn’t a race, and it’s tough to anoint winners without controversy, but that’s not the point.


America’s sweetheart is, in fact, British. And her name is Adele.

Frank Ocean

On Frank Ocean’s latest album, the young singer picks up and intensifies that unique kind of pain of being human, creating a record as purely honest as it is difficult to hear.

Frank Ocean

Ocean’s self-exiling at the hands of the public’s demands for more music resulted in an album rich in meaning, but far from convention or expectation.


What’s so impressive about this release is that the artist’s often simple and incomplete experiments can still be so powerful, brushing genius.


Grant Park was ruled by women for the festival’s 25th anniversary.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Though rain clouds and light showers plagued Grant Park, the energetic atmosphere could not be dampened.


Evident from her sensational performances, Lindsey Stirling shows passion and pleasure in her work, both on and off the stage.


Ultimately, ‘iiiDrops’ introspects and reflects.