Gucci Mane

Now that he is free, Guwop is an ultimate gatekeeper.


In retrospect, a punk kid singing lyrics like “I’m gonna pop your bubblegum hard” at a Marina show must have been an abnormal sight. But who actually gives a shit?

There is a paradoxical intimacy in the recitation, in the way I feel connected to something I barely understand.

Be it getting goosebumps at a choir concert, sobbing to the cliche “Rivers and Roads,” or head-banging to a dancefloor classic, both music and the erotic come in many forms — sort of like love.

Sleigh Bells

Brooklyn-based, pop duo Sleigh Bells was one of those bands with the world at their feet.

Sonically, the PC Music mindset is one that aims for instant gratification and more-or-less unprecedented experimentation in equal measure.

Ray Toro

The work lies somewhere on the softer, sweeter end of the musical spectrum.


DNCE released its self-titled debut album Nov. 18, 2016, showcasing 14 tracks that range from slow acoustic ballads to pop-infused dance anthems.


Sting reopened Paris’s Bataclan theater last Saturday — one year after the devastating terrorist attack there which killed 129 people — with a moving set.


24K Magic is more fit to score a cocaine bender than an innocent first date.