Joey took me on a journey through his younger, borderline obsessive years to his current state of balance, talking about the incorporation of his house music roots into 2016’s musical landscape.


Jai Wolf’s set marked several surprises through his 90-minute show that included innovative remixes of everything from Odessa and Skrillex to The Weeknd and Justin Bieber.

The pairing is laughably strange.

Migos’s Quavo at Hill Auditorium during SpringFest

It’s Wednesday night at Hill Auditorium, and Jim Harbaugh is dabbing onstage.

Jay Z

Soon Tidal will not exist.


Mantaraybryn takes you far away from snowy Ann Arbor and off to a destination vacation.

Ben Harper

Quite honestly, some of Harper’s stuff sounds destined to be covered by the local Potbelly cover musician, which isn’t an indictment on his sound as much as an acceptance of it.


This album is starkly minimalist, with lead singer Wesley Schultz’s vocals accompanied only by quiet guitar plucks.


While appreciating a simpler time on American television, ‘Junk’ also focuses on darker themes of existentialism and mortality.