Cole continues to carve his own stake — a niche, albeit a niche that’s increasingly, inherently vanilla.


Old Gray have long been revered within modern emo, and with their latest album, they have cemented themselves as some of the most talented modern musicians with their heaviest material to date.

Mahler feared that if he were to try composing a tenth symphony he would somehow stumble into death, like those before him. In the end, he was right. It killed him.

Green Day

‘Good Riddance’ is an extraordinary simple yet brilliantly efficient megahit.

John Mayer's new single "Love on the Weekend" ruminates on pleasent, fleeting romantic days.


This is a funk-heavy record that is filled with song and vocal inflection, rewardingly free of rap and, actually, well, good?


John Legend’s fifth studio album release, Darkness and Light, does not disappoint.

Since seeing the show in August, I’ve fallen in love with the music, consuming every possible thing I can that’s related to the show.

Daft Punk

It’s hard to fault a song when it’s doing everything it does so very well, and when nothing to this standard on a joint effort has been produced since ‘Get Lucky’ was around

I wanted to make something beautiful, some sort of never-before-heard chord progression that would latch onto heart and soul, tracing shudders into the spines of all who heard it.