Her messages are cliché, but hearing them from Cara’s perspective makes me start to believe them.


Brown can juggle between talk of heavy drug use, intensely graphic sex and classic rock often within a single track, even a single bar.


Solange carries both the beauty and the burden of being black throughout her new album.


The LP epitomizes Son Lux’s electronic sound and encompasses what they hope to achieve in the future.

It’s a funny thing; four years have passed and I’m not sure anymore whether Pedro the Lion’s music is even good.


Is it a metaphor for sex, or did Black Francis’s car just run out of gas? There will never be an answer.

Mick Jenkins

‘The Healing Component’ loses its memorability in Jenkins’ discography, a worrying effect for a debut.


Banks’s voice has truly developed; on The Altar, she explores her boundaries to their fullest potential.

Bon Iver

The best moments of ‘22, A Million’ are when Bon Iver can combine the bluster of their new instruments with the quiet force they previously perfected.

The Killers

There’s a small canon of recent rock songs that continue to be beloved by everybody, but that canon seems to end around 2006.