During the postwar period, and especially during the time when Ghana gained its independence from England, highlife became not only the country’s most popular form of music, but also a symbol of national unity and a mode of celebration, even though the genre in its early stages heavily catered towards the wealthy and colonial elite in the urban centers of the country.


NEG’s brand of hardcore is for the purists: Anyone else who wants it, as long as they can deal with the band’s sawed-off-shotgun energy.


2019 is the year of Big Thief. Adrianne draws in fans with an intense stare that kills, and a voice that murders.

Dev Hynes

Despite its sparse appeal, this burgeoning branching-off from convention is rich, exciting and addictive.

Lil Nas X

When Billboard removed “Old Town Road” from the Hot Country chart in early April, media and listeners alike were quick to shout racism. And with good reason. Lil Nas X is Black and country music is known for its whiteness and conservatism.


This album assures me of the transience of my problems, the capacity to love and survive in the never-ending desire to pursue the things I love.


Vince Carter is forty-two years old and has been in the NBA mainstay since 1998. (For those of you keeping track at home, that’s twenty-one going on twenty-two seasons, an all-time league record.) He’s an old man still making waves in a young man’s game.

Dan + Shay

“10,000 Hours” is a promising tease of what’s to come from Dan + Shay, and it will undoubtedly be the most played songs at weddings this fall season.

Ryan Cox

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a DIY show, but I can assure you, they are, and I cannot emphasize this enough, not full of virtuosos that are about to bring about the next Golden Age of Music.

Kim Petras

Contextualizing all the twists and turns that came before it, Petras knows that the scariest thing isn’t blood, demons, or dying, but not fully living.