Fall on your knees, the reign of King Princess is here.


Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Rex Orange County is only 21 years old — he’s been singing so maturely on the strength of his love since he was barely 18.


“Not to die, not dying,” she sang, and I didn’t think any of us were, but maybe Lenker felt like she had been before that moment, and maybe I have at times, too, and maybe we always are, but maybe I also believe she conquered that reality in that moment, with her voice and her music alone, and she carried me away with her.

Ariel Pink

Odditties Sodomies just sounds like it would be the name for a compilation of Ariel Pink’s best previously-recorded yet unreleased tracks. The off-kilter and kitschy Pink has never been known for doing things conventionally, and he certainly isn’t going to start now.


Yes, getting over a long, toxic relationship is hard, she affirms, but you’re going to find love if you want to find love.

Kero Kero Bonito

Kero Kero Bonito is on a hot streak. The British indie-pop trio has spent the last year radiating big suburban energy with the nostalgic Time ‘N’ Place, and has since widened their sights with Civilisation I, dropping right before their North American tour.

Harry Styles in the 'Lights Up' music video

No formal narrative or symbol congeals the overall plot, instead scattered glimpses of a glimmering, sweaty Harry Styles grace the screen.

Rex Orange County

Pluto Projector” reminds us of the joy found in sharing life’s journey with someone you love and showcases Rex’s craft for creating heartfelt intimacy through songwriting.

Ryan Cox

The group aims to provide resources for these underrepresented artists and expose these artists to a larger audience. But if you don’t identify as a marginalized group, the group still welcomes your support.


Maybe, if this preview does its job, I’ll see you in the audience this Sunday night. Until then, indulge in the old-fashioned with the world’s coolest time traveller, Pokey LaFarge.