Caitlyn Smith

When the next big thing is in front of you, you sit up and take notice. That’s the effect Caitlyn Smith has on a room: She demands your undivided attention.

This is America

For a title as open-ended as “This is America,” one would assume Childish Gambino’s latest single would poignantly capture the racial tensions of the nation, using the Black experience as a vessel for artistic expression.

Streaky Video

“Streaky,” released this past Saturday, is not standard fare from Death Grips.

Post Malone

beerbongs & bentleys is more of the same from Post Malone and you know what? That’s okay.

Jeff Rosenstock

Just two weeks ago, The Daily was lucky enough to have a chance to speak with singer/songwriter Jeff Rosenstock about his newest record, POST-, and his upcoming show on Apr. 25, accompanied by Martha and Bad Moves, at the Loving Touch in Ferndale.


Wherever I went, I wrote for The Daily.

Matt & Kim

‘There’s an energy we try to create that we get wrapped up in, and I think that the audience gets wrapped up in it, too.’


But whether it’s overt or implicit, confrontational or oblique, musicians who use their work to change our world are essential to the way we do art. Because nothing exists in a vacuum, and nothing ever changes without a push. So maybe that push is exactly what a musician can give.


Turnstile is the precise union of aggression and pop.

Julien Baker

She left the stage much in the same way as she arrived: without warning.