Based solely on lyrical content, one would think that a Whitney show could easily devolve into an intensely sorrowful affair.


Anderson .Paak is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who blends soul, funk, hip hop and R&B to create a warm, timeless sound that’s distinctly his own.

Two Door Cinema Club

The music itself isn’t horrendous, but its lack of characteristic flair causes the album to fall flat from the band’s past electricity.

The event was called Strange Beautiful Music, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes adventurous sounds and doesn’t mind sitting quietly for 10 hours, on and off.


While ‘Three’ isn’t a flawless album by any means, its sincerity, frankness and gut-wrenching veracity provides assurance that Phantogram isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Regina Spektor

Some melodies and lyrics seem easy; we know Spektor has more in her than that.

The B-Side: 10-13-16

Three days, eight stages, thirteen bands, with the heavy weight of procrastinated homework hanging gleefully over our heads.

The White Stripes

Stadium music may seem like background music, but it’s very calculated. DJs must cater to the mood of the crowd and understand how to lend their tone to the demeanor of the players.

Green Day

If anything, ‘Revolution Radio’ is fun as hell.

The Saint Pablo Tour sacrifices stage props and storyboards to focus attention exclusively on Kanye West.