Celebrity culture and its intertextuality have always caused tension in hip hop, a genre founded on authenticity.


The unique thing about LCD Soundsystem’s music, in fact, is just how emotionally exhausting it is.

The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years taught me that home is where you invest your happiness, and that isn’t something anyone can take away from you.


I’m sitting on the sun-baked pavement outside of St. Andrews Hall on the day before high school graduation, trying to keep the loose shards of gravel scattered about from slowly migrating up my shorts.

Fall Out Boy

When Fall Out Boy’s return from hiatus was announced in 2013, and a comeback show was announced in London, I knew that I had to be there

Tove Lo

You either love her or hate her, but no one can deny that she is capital-C cool.

One of the band’s focuses has always been ensuring that their studio cuts are recorded like live tracks, using actual instruments when possible and avoiding recording multiple takes.


Punk rock icon James ‘Iggy Pop’ Osterberg took the Detroit Institute of Arts by storm this past Tuesday in promotion of the new Stooges documentary.

I wouldn’t characterize Rautavaara as an extremely popular or well-known composer, but among those who were familiar with his work he was loved.

The anxiety-ridden, paranoia-driven single marked a step in a more experimental direction for the artist.