The delicate balance he strikes between melancholy world-weariness and hopeless romanticism creates a world where every detail is imbued with color and meaning. Jens makes you want to see life through his eyes.


And maybe this stems a little bit from me being a bit of an emotional person, but I honestly think knowing the individuals behind the music is a quality about local music that truly makes it special.

Pokey LaFarge

Sunday, Oct. 27 witnessed Pokey LaFarge’s glorious return to Ann Arbor, headlining The Ark’s annual Fall Fundraiser.

Miranda Lambert

In early 2019 Miranda Lambert moved to New York City, secretly married a police officer and got some new ink: A wildcard, the queen of hearts, on her inner right forearm.


Jesus Is King is not a rap album with religious influence — this is straight-up Christian music.


While he continued to release music as he transitioned his career into acting, none of them reached the heights that his first two did with their (rather rare) combination of witty cynicism and youthful energy.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Teenhood is impulsive, malleable and vulnerable; it takes itself too seriously but plays out in the media like a blasé narrative.

Frank Ocean

I don’t know how to explain his return other than to start where I found him: I discovered Frank Ocean while watching the VMAs when I was 13. He crooned “Thinkin Bout You” seated on a rock on a stage that was dark save for the light of a faux campfire — a tame departure for the VMAs.

Wolf Daley in the 'I THINK' music video

Tyler, the Creator’s IGOR alter ego, Wolf Daley, returns with the music video for “I THINK.” Directed under Tyler’s Wolf Haley alias, the video features a caption that reads “a fraction of the video*,” indicating more to come.


The singles are complex yet captivating and serve as a promising precursor to Everyday Life.