All Kanye needs are his family, his father and his God.


“Yo Love” is the perfect, sappy break that Staples’s discography needed.


‘Moon Trip Radio’ presents a vast soundscape in which everyone is welcome to explore at their leisure, and that’s a good thing, because after one listen you’ll never want to leave.


Inspired by the oldies, the album feels a lot like it’s for fans of the classics too.

Luke Combs

In a world of hip-thrusting Luke Bryans and muscular Tim McGraws, Luke Combs stands out. Baby-faced and beer-bellied, he looks like someone you’d expect to see in the crowd of a country music concert, not on the stage.

Grace Potter

Daylight is a beautiful, powerful potion brewed through honesty, seasoned with vulnerability, and served with a side of “put that in your pipe and smoke it.”


Maybe in the great generational clash of the 21st century we can find some common ground in jazz.

Gracie Abrams

Abrams rose and broke in by opening her diary, letting us flip through the pages and showing how this version of the teenage girl is a force to be reckoned with, as is every other version.

Lewis Capaldi

Carefully crafted and well-delivered, “Bruises” is a simple approach to a complex concept.


The single is objectively catchy, with a repetitive beat that actually makes the song a perfect loop of itself.