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Matt & Kim

‘There’s an energy we try to create that we get wrapped up in, and I think that the audience gets wrapped up in it, too.’


But whether it’s overt or implicit, confrontational or oblique, musicians who use their work to change our world are essential to the way we do art. Because nothing exists in a vacuum, and nothing ever changes without a push. So maybe that push is exactly what a musician can give.


Turnstile is the precise union of aggression and pop.

Julien Baker

She left the stage much in the same way as she arrived: without warning.


And in line with his music’s airy, near effortless quality, Sigman is equally as carefree when he performs — presenting every note with an easygoing flourish, singing every lyric with a jaunty grin.


An album’s cover art can make or break the album.

Arts, Interrupted

This week on Arts, Interrupted, we talk about the comeback kid of the music industry — vinyl records. We're joined by Daily Arts Writers and vinyl enthusiasts, Sean Lang and Mike Watkins.

A$AP Forever

The song leaves something to be desired, but the captivating video shows that there is still potential for innovation.

Haif Waif

Like her songs, Plunkett becomes more complex with every passing moment.