The Jonas Brothers have become a symbol for the golden years of my youth, and the band has played into the nostalgia by revisiting the music that now serves as an artifact of our childhoods.


hat weirdness is what makes Alex G who he is, and he’s never ashamed to let his goofiness shine. Luckily, this doesn’t detract from his music and its message. Instead, it adds accessibility, cutting the weight off some of the heavier tracks.


Graffiti launches Blair out of the fresh-faced cat mourning phase and into elevated lyricism with trickier, embedded meaning.

Kero Kero Bonito

The band shifted direction with the release of “When the Fires Come,” and its accompanying music video, a forlorn acknowledgment of the imminent climate catastrophe.

Danny Brown

Danny Brown sounds fearless and confident in his new direction.

Ryan Cox

As the crowd started to disperse after the final set of the night, my friend and I approached the current singer/guitarist for Seaholm, and tried not to fangirl as we complimented them on their set.


The need to be as big as possible, while probably a clever business decision, has diluted each individual day’s lineup and contributed to a sort of festival fatigue.


With every replay of the album, more and more is unpacked within Del Rey’s masterful singing and imaginative lyrics.


The two rap about similar things like running from the police and old flames, but hearing how differently each man attacks the same beat is nothing short of amazing. It’s like they’re two sides of the same coin.


After all, he pointed out, “We are literally the only ones that get to experience this.” The timing of this request couldn’t have been more perfect — “Time of Our Lives” is all about being present and enjoying every moment we have, and the crowd cheerfully swayed along to the music, seemingly content without their mobile distractions.