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While the album provides all the elements we enjoyed in Tell Me I’m Pretty, Cage The Elephant let fans down by straying from experimentation and falling for monotony.

Broken Social Scene

For such a short project — 17 minutes in total — there are high highs and low lows on Vol. 2.

A$AP Ferg performs as part of SpringFest in Hill Auditorium Tuesday.

When the lights were turned on at the end, a quick glance around left me questioning the heavy use of the n-word throughout the concert by the audience during the refrain of “Plain Jane” given the obvious demographic tilt.

Anderson .Paak

Ventura stands in such stark contrast to Oxnard that it’s almost surprising the same man created both of them.

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In her eyes throughout the night, the audience was well aware of a fire beneath the surface of Griffin’s petite frame, boiling out in her inimitable soul.

RCA Records

The unrestrained nature of the video, titled “This is Dominic Fike,” is an introduction Fike deserves.

Top Dawg Entertainment

“CHopstix” is Q dropping the baton. There’s no telling now if his upcoming album CrasH Talk will be golden or garbage.

Quinn XCII

Pseudonym week continues with Daily Music Writer Kaitlyn Fox and Mikael Temrowski, otherwise known as Quinn XCII.

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Hear what the South has to say with Daily Music Writer Dylan Yono and the band OutKast.

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Daily Music Writer Sam Cantie explores the dizzying pseudonym of Still Woozy himself.